10 The Best Futsal Shoes For Wide Feet 2023 Review

A football player wearing a red shirt and black shorts stands on an indoor football court, one leg on the floor and one on the football.
A football player wearing a red shirt and black shorts stands on an indoor football court, one leg on the floor and one on the football.

Whether you’re a serious futsal player or just getting started, you need a good pair of futsal shoes. But if you have wide feet, finding the right shoes can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best futsal shoes for wide feet. From budget-friendly options to top-of-the-line models, we’ve got you covered. So if you’re looking for the perfect futsal shoes to fit, futsal is a great way to stay active and have fun.

It is a fast-paced game that requires players to have good footwork and agility. For people with wide feet, finding the right pair of futsal shoes is essential for comfortable play. In this guide, we will recommend 10 of the best futsal shoes for wide feet. We will also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right pair of shoes for your needs. So, if you are looking for the best futsal shoes for wide feet, read on.

1. Futsal Shoes for Wide Feet

Futsal is a popular indoor foot-and-ball sport and is popular among children, women, and older adults.

You can play futsal for sports teams or at schools, or you can play against other players on a court or a field.

There are two kinds of futsal: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor futsal can be played on a court, and outdoor futsal can be played on a hockey field.

You have to wear a foot basketball guard to play futsal.

You will need a pair of wide-fitting futsal shoes for indoor futsal.

There are hundreds of futsal shoes for wide feet available.

Here are some of the top 3 for you to consider.

You can check out the others for your needs too.

How to pick the best futsal shoe for your needs.

How to pick the best futsal shoe for your needs.

There are a few things you want to consider before purchasing futsal shoes. The first is the size and shape of your foot. You want to make sure the shoe fits snugly without being too tight. You also want to consider the width of your feet. If you have wide feet, you’ll need to find a shoe that accommodates that. You don’t want a shoe that’s too narrow or too wide, as that will affect your performance on the court. The next thing to consider is the type of playing surface you’ll be using the shoes on. If you’re going to be playing on concrete, you’ll need a different type of shoe than if you’re playing on turf.

The type of shoe you need will also depend on whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors. Indoor shoes are usually lighter and have less traction than outdoor shoes. Finally, you need to decide what level of performance you need from your futsal shoes. If you’re just starting out, you won’t need the same level of performance as someone who’s been playing for years. There are three main levels of futsal shoes: entry-level, mid-range, and high-end.

Entry-level shoes are typically the most affordable and provide basic features and performance. Mid-range shoes offer more performance than entry-level shoes but aren’t as expensive as high-end options. High-end shoes offer top-of-the-line performance but come with a higher price tag. Now that you know what to look for in futsal shoes, it’s time to start shopping! Below, we’ve listed 10 of the best futsal shoes for wide feet available on the market today.

3. Top 10 Best Futsal Shoes for Wide Feet

Soccer and foot sports are some of the most popular sports worldwide. Many soccer fans across the world take an interest in the sport of soccer. It has developed into a huge world of interest and passion. It provides great health benefits through this sport. Good foot and ankle health while playing foot football gives a lot of benefits as well. This game has become a major sport around the world, and people take an interest in it. If you have not played this game and are interested, the best athletic and futsal shoes for wide feet can certainly be an important step in your journey. Let us find out here the 10 best futsal shoes for wide feet.

Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Soccer Shoe

One of the most well-known manufacturers of athletic footwear, including futsal shoes, is Adidas.

These Adidas Performance Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes are a good example of how professionally they create their footwear.

Your game will advance thanks to the amazing traction, great design, and contemporary style of the Adidas performance men’s Samba Classic football shoe.

It gives stability and longevity and is incredibly comfortable and breathable.

The best thing about these shoes is how reasonably priced they are in comparison to their rivals, even with all the amazing features and value they offer. Its smooth rubber sole offers excellent traction and outstanding touch on the ball. Oh, did we forget to mention that they are cozy? Since Sambas are so comfortable and have a timeless design, you’ll want to wear them off the field as well.

The top suggestions on this list are there for this reason. You might therefore request better futsal shoes than Adidas performance men’s samba classic.

  • offers excellent traction
  • Economical Alternative
  • includes a variety of colors
  • Heavy outsole

Puma evoSPEED

These boots are game-ready. The overall pliability of the materials employed results in a finished product that is exceptionally user-friendly. The general composition will be covered in greater detail later in the review, but for now, just know that these boots are relatively easy to wear.

In fact, I’ve been impressed with how they feel to wear given how lightweight they are. They are not the comfiest boots you will ever wear, no doubt about it. However, because there isn’t much actual material visible through the top, Puma’s choice of materials seems to work best when combined. For instance, the inside suede lining, the monolayer microfiber, and the upper cage support system are all separate pieces.

together. And the latter (suede lining), which holds your sock and keeps you fixed in place, definitely offers advantages in terms of comfort.

  • fantastic for sprints
  • Well-fitting\sBudget-friendly
  • robust upper body material
  • good speed response
  • Too few reviews

Adidas Performance Women’s Ace 17.3 Primemesh Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Even though it is the less expensive choice, the Ace 17.3 Firm Ground nonetheless manages to dazzle with a remarkable appearance that equals that of its forerunners. Players will not only look amazing but also perform well thanks to the cleat’s lightweight design and outstanding traction. Although fit may not be this cleat’s strongest suit, it is still a solid purchase if you want the Adidas Ace experience at a low price.

The Total Control stud pattern is integrated into the outsole of the Ace 17.3 Firm Ground. The hybrid Firm Ground (FG)/Artificial Ground (AG) configuration of this type of outsole is the first and is set with a lower stud height to allow more studs to contact the ball during handling. The cleats achieve improved stability, high-speed control, and traction on firm ground pitches with this type of stud arrangement. PrimeMesh and neoprene are used to create an innovative hybrid top for the soccer cleat. The front foot region is lined with PrimeMesh, while the rest of the foot, including the collar, is covered in neoprene.

  • Stylish and uncluttered
  • Excellent at passing and dribbling Affordable
  • excellent sock-like fit
  • decent traction
  • Lightweight
  • stiff padding
  • excessive heel pressure
  • led to blisters
  • lengthier break-in period is necessary
  • runs closely and narrowly
  • no support for the ankles

Adidas Performance Mundial Goal Soccer Cleats.

Adidas Performance Mundial Goal Soccer Cleats.
Buy Amazon Adidas Performance Mundial Goal Soccer Cleats.

The Adidas Mundial Goal football boots are designed specifically for futsal and indoor football games. They have a smooth K-leather upper for a glove-like feel and a split-suede abrasion patch for durability and support. Additionally, they include a non-marking gum rubber outsole and thin EVA padding.
comfortable synthetic lining.A die-cut EVA insole for comfort and lightness.comfortable EVA insole.

The upper of the Adidas Mundial Goal is made of kangaroo leather. This supple leather does not need a longer break-in period and perfectly conforms to the curve of the foot. Additionally, this material provides excellent ball contact.

The Mundial Goal not only provided the recognizable Adidas look and feel, but also excellent performance and ball contact. Contrarily, concerns about durability surfaced despite the widespread adoration for this vintage shoe. it nonetheless attracts both experts and novices.

  • really good ball control
  • Short time for a break-in
  • exemplary assistance
  • fantastic ball contact
  • Interesting and cool fashion
  • Value the cost
  • poor endurance
  • suede that is too delicate

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 Men’s Volleyball Shoes

Men’s volleyball shoes from the Mizuno Wave Lightning series with a new design, the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4, offer a dependable, secure fit with quick movement support and performance grip. The Wave Lightning Z4 flawlessly integrates many of Mizuno’s cutting-edge shoe innovations.

The traditional low-cut design is reflected in the men’s Wave lightning Z4 volleyball shoe. It is quite helpful when you want to jump a little bit higher during court play and is lightweight. A parallel wave plate inside it provides the lateral stability needed for fast lateral motions during play. Players of various sizes and ages can play in the most comfortable shoes possible. Therefore, this is the brand to search for if you ever need a pair of shoes for yourself or your son that suit his style. Additionally, this shoe is made to fit all court positions and is perfect for pin-hitters and setters who move swiftly throughout the playing area.

Mizuno’s court shoes for volleyball, the Wave Lightning Z4, are the replacement for the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3. Although at least one reader has used these shoes successfully, squash players have complained about earlier models’ insufficient heel stability and poor longevity.

  • Perfect for both games and practices.
  • The shoe’s bottom has outstanding traction.
  • The best footwear for players and setters.
  • The model is a little bit thin. So, if your foot is wider, you can run into some problems.

Asics Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe

The ASICS men’s Gel-Rocket 8 volleyball shoe has the GEL Cushioning System, Trusstic System Technology, and a shaft that measures around the low-top from the arch, making it the ideal choice for all beginning and intermediate players. Professionals highly recommend this brand because it is so reasonably priced. Additionally, it is widely regarded as the best sports equipment and the top-selling shoe brand.

The ASICS GEL-Rocket 8 volleyball shoes are advertised as being of the highest caliber at an inexpensive price. This most recent GEL-Rocket model, as number 8 suggests, is the eighth iteration of the well-known ASICS GEL-Rocket line. Players of volleyball and participants in numerous other indoor and outdoor sports and fitness-related activities continue to like it.

  • ideal for use on indoor courts.
  • strong and has excellent traction.
  • Excellent traction on the concrete.
  • There aren’t many colors to select from.

Under Armour Spotlight: Firm Ground 

The new version of the Under Armour Spotlight Firm Ground features a lacing mechanism that is hidden by an asymmetrical zip closure. The goal of this innovative design is to increase the kicking surface and improve fitness. Its upper is made of synthetic leather, which is supple and forms a snug fit around the foot. Additionally, the sole plate’s carbon composite construction enables lightweight performance and stability. Despite not being among the most affordable cleats available, this one is still worth considering.

The Under Armour Spotlight Firm Ground provides a form-fitting wrap around the foot thanks to its distinctive zipper design and soft synthetic leather top. Due to its EVA footbed and neoprene compressive sleeve, it also promises to be extremely comfortable.

This solid ground soccer cleat’s outsole is made of carbon composite, ensuring stability and lightweight performance. As soon as you put the Under Armour Firm Ground on, you’ll realize how very comfortable it is because of the soft synthetic leather used on the upper, which conforms to the curve of your foot.

  • Zipper makes for a snug fit.
  • A well-placed zipper
  • lightweight sole
  • convenient soleplate
  • A non-traditional look
  • On the pricey side

Wilson Kaos Women’s Tennis Shoe

Wilson’s brand-new Kaos tennis shoes drew our attention right out of the package. Anyone wanting something edgy and showy will be delighted by the aggressive, contemporary-appearing cosmetics and vibrant hues. Initially, we noticed the comfortable padding underfoot as we carried them on the courts. In addition to giving these shoes exceptional stability and durability, the solid material surrounding the forefoot and toe area made the toes hurt, especially when stopping quickly while racing forward. Impressive durability and a large toe box made them a good match for our playtester’s broader feet.

Overall, these needs of more skilled players who want more support and overall performance may not be reached by shoes, but they do provide players who want something youthful and edgy-looking with enough stability and durability.

  • comfortable and well suited my foot form. The outsoles had excellent traction and were very sturdy.”
  • Excellent sturdiness and adequate underfoot cushioning.
  • “Comfort and lightness right out of the box. I particularly appreciated how the sneakers maintained their shape during the test.”
  • “A glove-like fit and good comfort were supplied by the upper materials and Endofit tongue system in the heel and midfoot. Given their weight, they also have a decent durability.
  • “Despite weighing less than 14 ounces, they have a bulky appearance. felt “plastic-y” and prevented from playing with feet naturally. In addition, occasionaly toe jamming.”
  • The main problem toe jamming because of the toe guard’s rigidity.

Nike Mercurial Indoor Soccer Shoes.

It is a terrific alternative for any position on the field, offering support, precision, good grip, and the ability to explode off the line swiftly. This is a true indoor soccer shoe, similar to the Nike Mercurial cleats made famous by the legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

The first feature of the shoe is an interior cushion that is soft and breathable and conforms to the shape of your foot to provide you with the extra comfort you require when twisting and turning on the pitch. Speaking of comfort, we like the additional cushioning this shoe provides underneath the foot arch and the Achilles tendon, which gives your heel further support. For any midfield master searching for a shoe that will allow them to move freely on the field, have enough support to tackle, and have better control over the ball to manage the game from midfield, we believe this is a perfect option.

  • Your feet are cushioned by an inside, soft sock lining that breathes well.
  • Your shoe gives the additional comfort you need to support your foot’s heel and arch.
  • You have excellent control of the ball because to the grippy upper layer, which is lightweight and lets you break ahead and accelerate off the line swiftly.
  • Being somewhat small, the shoe is not ideal if you have wide or larger feet.
  • has a rubber sole that isn’t the most grippy and is also quite flat, however this allows you to get under the ball more and perform more tricks.

PUMA Monarch IT

Do you need both speed and precision at once? You might be perfect for these shoes!

One of the lightest and most flexible indoor soccer shoes on this list is the PUMA Zapatillas. With this shoe, which has a gum rubber sole and a synthetic upper, you’ll feel as though you’re playing in your socks!

Additionally, the sole of the shoe contains a seam between your heel and forefoot that separates as you take off to provide you increased traction and the ability to sprint past defenders into the box. This feature is designed to give you the most explosive traction as you begin your run. For any wingers searching for a lightweight, dynamic shoe that gives you a better fit indoors, these are among the best indoor soccer shoes available.

  • Lightweight footwear with powerful traction
  • Its synthetic upper is comfortable and still protects you when you strike the ball. Its grippy sole is made to allow you full range of motion.
  • Your accuracy in front of the goal is greatly increased by the contoured upper layer.
  • Also are fairly cheap
  • doesn’t offer the best support and is really thin.
  • is a pretty small shoe that is not recommended for athletes with wide feet.

4. Futsal-Shoes for Widerfeet

Men and Women wide feet chart
Men and Women wide feet chart

Let’s start by examining the functions of a ballroom shoe and why they are beneficial to wide-footed futsal players:

Shoes designed to be worn on the ballroom floor are best for eliminating the distraction of everyday concerns such as traffic, large crowds, heavy industry, and rug burns, and because of this, even professionals often prefer them for their plants. When running, f1 and f2 curves and bends will require flexibility in the foot and, because of this, the best starting points in today’s futsal shoes are 4F and 5F or wider.

These types go on fitting where the heel and other areas of the most conventional shoes are heavy. There must be a relative gap between the ball of the curl and the foot as well as the ground in order to create a more natural ankle that can often work when it comes to futsal shoes.

Due to this, even synthetic and mesh materials, which are aside from leather and rubber, can make strong footwear. The dilemma is that the integrity of lateral privacy effects in the shoes for futsal can therefore also affect comfort and traction.

The fact that the premium materials are at risk of abrasions in the materials and severe conditioning of leather has contributed to why that shoe material is still maintained. Shoes are usually manufactured with a breathable lining system and are framed in metal frames by experienced manufacturers that are photo-durable, as well as the surface-repairing system that creates shoe shine.

5. Foot Problems with Futsal Shoes for Wide Feet

 Foot Problems with Futsal Shoes for Wide Feet
Foot Problems with Futsal Shoes for Wide Feet

If there is any area where buying shoes for wide feet is frustrating, it certainly has to do with the feet. We’ve all suffered in our time. from heel spurs to extreme pronation and widening from foot biomechanics issues too. With these treatments come new concerns. Some of you have heard of marathon runners who develop painful bunions from foot problems and are not able to find comfortable shoes to run in.

Why are futsal fans talking about this soap opera of painful shoes for wide feet?

It means it’s not only about the reputation of buying shoes, but the construction of the shoe holds more weight than we thought.

Do you know… like the expert shoes, the creators have fooled you? In fact, wearing futsal shoes with general shoes is always the best option when you don’t yet know what’s best.

Foot pain is a very common problem that can occur in any part of the foot. The pain may be due to various reasons, such as improper fitting of shoes, high-heeled shoes, nerve compression, injury, sprain, etc. Wide feet are also one of the factors that cause foot pain. Wearing the wrong type of shoe is the most common reason for this problem.


What are futsal shoes for wide feet?

Futsal shoes for wide feet are specially designed to provide a comfortable and snug fit for people with wide feet. They typically have a wider toe box and heel counter, and may also come with additional features such as extra support or cushioning.

Why do I need futsal shoes for wide feet?

If you have wide feet, it’s important to choose a shoe that will fit comfortably and support your foot properly. Otherwise, you may experience discomfort or even injury. Futsal shoes for wide feet are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, so you can focus on enjoying the game.

What are the different types of futsal shoes for wide feet?

There are several different types of futsal shoes for wide feet, each with its own benefits:

Low-top shoes: Low-top futsal shoes offer excellent maneuverability and comfort. They’re a good choice if you have wider feet but don’t need extra ankle support.
Mid-top shoes: Mid-top futsal shoes provide more ankle support than low-tops, making them a good choice if you play on rougher surfaces or have any previous ankle injuries. They may feel slightly less comfortable than low-tops, however.
High-top shoes: High-top futsal shoes offer the most ankle support of all the different types of futsal shoes. They’re a good choice if you play on very rough surfaces or have severe ankle instability. However, they can feel bulky and uncomfortable if you don’t need extra support.


Keep in mind that comfort in shoes is the most crucial factor. If an uncomfortable fit causes you to become preoccupied, it will negatively impact how well you play. Because leather can bend a little more than most synthetic materials, you can still wear it even if the fit isn’t perfect. This is why leather is so popular.

In our opinion, investing in a leather indoor shoe is worthwhile. Synthetics are extremely common in soccer since they are considerably simpler to clean when they get muddy. You don’t have this issue, though, when playing indoors.

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