4 Tips on How To Choose The Best Flip Flops With Arch Support For Men 2023

A Man legs wearing flip flops and a chart including tips on how to choose the best flip flops with arch support for men
A Man legs wearing flip flops and a chart including tips on how to choose the best flip flops with arch support for men

Discover top tips how to choose the best flip flops with arch support for men. Your ultimate guide to comfortable footwear.There are many different types of flip flops with arch support, sandals, slippers, and thongs available. Choosing the wrong sandal can cause foot pain. Flip flops are an excellent choice for summertime casual footwear. On the hottest days, whether you’re going to the beach or a poolside party, a pair of flip flops will provide you with airy comfort. Flip flops are a summertime must-have. It’s no secret that many men choose to wear this type of footwear because it’s cool, well-ventilated, and more comfortable than sandals or shoes.

Flip flops are often the only footwear that can endure hot and humid weather. Footwear serves as a vital link between your body and the environment. The quality and comfort of the flip flop you choose will have an impact on your entire body, starting from the ground up. Some people wear flip flops from their bungalow to the surf break, while others use them for long thru-hikes for crucial foot protection. Whatever side of the spectrum you’re on, there are several things that every couple should excel at.


Arch Design

man feet with arch support design
man feet with arch support design

Because of its foot arch, each pair of flip-flops will feel distinct for each person. You’ll need a pair with a similar high arch if you have a high arch. If your arch is flat, though, you’ll require flip-flops with a lower arch. Before you buy them, we strongly advise you to try them on. They should feel at ease right away.

Contoured Footbed

When it comes to orthopedic flip flops for guys, the footbed contour should match your natural foot shape. Contoured footbeds are ideal since the molding conforms to the shape of the foot. This style of footbed is typically constructed of cork or natural latex, and it distributes weight evenly. It can also help prevent painful ailments like shin splints and collapsed arches by continually supporting your foot position.


Men’s arch support flip flops should not only resist typical wear and tear but also have sturdy soles to prevent you from tripping and twisting your ankle. Check that the soles are capable of supporting and comforting your feet, allowing you to walk properly without stumbling. They should also be able to securely walk on damp surfaces if at all possible.


Finally, pay close attention to the straps. They must be neither too tight nor too loose. Make sure they’re long-lasting and comfy. You don’t want unpleasant blisters as a result of those straps, do you?



Comfort is a highly subjective area because everyone has distinct preferences, needs, and radically diverse feet. Regardless of subjectivity, we considered this metric to be the most important of them all, and it is weighted appropriately. You’re not going to wear them if they don’t feel good.


If you’ve come here seeking a good pair of flip flops, you’re probably in the same position as our gear testers, who frequently forsake “proper” footwear in favor of the ease of a good flip. As a result, we went out of our way to mistreat every single product we tested. We put them through their paces on hiking routes, on slick lake rocks, and even in potentially risky social situations.


flip flop different kind of traction designs
flip flop different kinds of traction designs

Some flip flops are designed for lounging on the beach, staggering to and from the bar, and returning to your Adirondack beach chair, with little traction in mind. Again, we put each model through its paces in scenarios where we could have easily lost a toe only to assist you figure out which pair will provide enough grip to keep your ankles safe.

• Durability. Are you looking for shoes that will endure a weekend, a season, or a lot of walking?

• Materials. Material selection can be both functional and personal. The materials used in each layer of the sandals are easily identifiable on most buying sites and brands.

• Stability vs. weight. A traditional flip-flop is made up of three little points that cling to your foot and physically “flop” on your heel as you walk. The weight of a shoe can have an impact on how your foot feels after a day of walking or standing.

• Price. For as long as you need them, the value is determined by your budget and the features you require.
Comfort and wearability are vital whether you’re looking for a lovely pair of flip-flops or you’re concerned about your foot health. Finally, this is what determines whether or not a pair of shoes is a smart investment.


• Designed for people with flat feet looking for higher arches

Picture of neutral arch and high arch design showing difference between both arches
Neutral arch and high arch design show differences between both arches

The curved footbed conforms perfectly to the natural contours of your feet, which is the most appealing characteristic of these flip flops. You can expect a confident, and maybe more crucially, comfortable step throughout the day thanks to the high arches and deep heel cup.

• Simple color choices and considerate design materials

While some guys may find the two colors to be restrictive, we believe they are sporty and sleek and should complement a wide range of styles.

Furthermore, the flip flops use environmentally and animal-friendly components, such as a vegan leather strap and an enhanced biodegradability footbed and outsole.

Considerations also included:

• durability
• function
• value for the price
• brand reputation
• unisex styles in men’s and women’s sizes (this means more options)

4. Tips on Finding the Best Flip Flops for Men

Intended Use

Consider what you intend to do with your flip-flops, as you would with any other merchandise. The perfect pair will enhance any activity, so figuring out what you’ll be doing with them is crucial.

Casual Use

Your go-to pair of flip flops is a pair of casual flip flops. This is what you grab if you’re heading out the door for a cup of coffee or to run some errands and need a pair of flip-flops. Your shoes don’t need to be fancy, but they should be comfortable and long-lasting. You may choose a stylish or fashion-forward pair if you’re conscious about your appearance or are going somewhere where what you’re wearing matters.


Some elements can help to reduce the danger of strain and damage. Arch support relieves pain from the bottom of your feet all the way to the top of your spine. This is because it supports your arches throughout your stride. This support aids in the prevention of diseases such as plantar fasciitis. A heel cup is usually included in walking flip-flops to help hold your foot in place. When walking, choose sturdy materials such as leather or other soft straps that won’t cause abrasions or blisters. Shock absorption can also be improved with a rubber sole.

Picture of red and blue two pairs of flip flop  for men on beach
Red and blue two pairs of a flip flops for men on the beach

If you’re going to the beach or on vacation, choose a comfy, waterproof, and durable flip flop made of rubber, foam, or a comparable substance. Cotton and other heavy textiles that absorb water should be avoided. Wider straps on these flip flops or sandals can help to prevent chafing, which is important when there is a significant risk of sand abrasion.

Water Activities

Waterproofing is critical, and the fabric is not an option. Look for something that can be submerged completely without causing damage and dries rapidly. If you’ll be walking or jogging, arch support is beneficial, though running in flip-flops is not recommended. Because of the frequent moisture, a sandal that is either too small or too large will cause chafing. Performance aspects will be highlighted in a flip flop intended for aquatic sports to cater to the naturally harsh and unstable environment.


Polyurethane, inexpensive foam, or rubber are commonly used in the soles of low-cost flip flops. Cork or EVA are used to make higher-quality flip flops, which provide a flexible, robust, water-resistant, and shock-absorbing sandal.
The upper straps are frequently composed of a softer material like leather, cloth, softer polymers, or suede, and others are constructed of recycled or organic materials. Polyurethane is a common material in low-cost flip flops, although it is not environmentally friendly.


Although most flip flops or sandals come in standard shoe sizes, certain cheaper versions may not feature half sizes. Because of the shoe’s openness, it’s quite easy to slip your foot into one that doesn’t fit, whether it’s too big or too little.

Make note of where your foot rests on the sandal and how the straps feel.
If you plan to walk a lot or wear shoes for a long period, the fit is crucial. A flip flop that is excessively tight or too loose might result in abrasions, blisters, pain, tripping, or slipping.


Flip flops are also made by several high-end shoe and clothing labels, including Calvin Klein Polo, Cole Haan, and others. We recommend sticking with a well-known brand because they’re more accessible and more likely to back up their items with a solid warranty.


From plain monochromatic to a crazy neon pattern, flip flops come in an endless array of hues and patterns. Generally, more function-oriented flip flops don’t come in a lot of bold colors and are only accessible in neutrals. The objective is to pick something you like while keeping your intended usage in mind. A colorful, eye-catching pair is ideal for a pool party, but not so much for a country club.


Here are a few extra features that some flip flops may showcase:


Despite the common practice of wearing flip-flops near water, this isn’t always the case. Water-friendly flip flops dry quickly and have a grip on both the sole and the footbed to keep you from slipping about or in your flip flops. They almost always have waterproof straps and an EVA footbed.

Arch Support:

We’ve already discussed arch support and how important it is when walking or moving about in flip-flops. Arch support keeps the arch of the foot in place and prevents it from collapsing into a flat shoe, preventing pain and conditions like plantar fasciitis.


Finding a comfortable sandal that you can wear for a long time, with the style you want and, perhaps more significantly, one that is consistent with your principles, can seem difficult.

• Are they within your financial means? Sandals with orthotic soles or unique designs may be more expensive.

• Are they suited to your way of life? Sandals for extended walks on the beach are not the same as those for exploring the outdoors.

• Have they been developed with comfort in mind? Is there any cushioning around your trouble spots, such as your heel and arches?

4. Do Your Flip Flops Fit Right?


Choose the product that best fits your needs in terms of fit, style, and features.

You might want to wear your arch support sandals for several hours at a time or when you want to be comfortable while having fun or shopping at Target.

That is why it is critical to select the appropriate sandal with care. The wrong one can aggravate your feet and waste your money, whereas the right one can empower you to walk more, do more, and live more.


  1. What materials are best for flip flops with arch support?
  • Look for flip flops made with high-density foam or EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) for cushioning and support.
  1. How can I determine if a flip flop has good arch support?
  • Look for flip flops with built-in arch support, or with a contoured footbed that conforms to the shape of your foot.
  1. Are there any brands that specialize in flip flops with arch support?
  • Yes, brands such as Vionic, Orthaheel, and Spenco are known for their flip flops with arch support.
  1. What is the best way to break in new flip flops with arch support?
  • Gradually increase the amount of time you wear them, and make sure to take breaks if you feel any discomfort.
  1. Should I choose flip flops with a heel cup or a toe post for arch support?
  • If you have high arches, a heel cup may be more beneficial as it keeps the heel in place, but if you have low arches, a toe post may be better as it allows for more flexibility in the foot.

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