5 Tips How To Choose The Best Wide Feet Shoes For Women

A group of women feet wearing a different kind of best wide feet shoes for women stand around a design
A group of women feet wearing a different kind of best wide feet shoes for women stand around a design

Elevate your style with the finest selection of fashionable best wide feet shoes for women. Embrace comfort and beauty. Walk with confidence today.”If you are a woman and you have wide feet and are looking for wide-footed shoes, then you have to pay attention to the breadth of your shoes and, if possible, choose a broader sole and a roomier shoe box. It’s also important to choose a shoe with plenty of arch support and a cushioned insole, as these qualities can help reduce foot and heel pain.

If at all feasible, choose a shoe with a replaceable insole so you can adjust the level of support and cushion to your preferences. To better fit your foot, look for a shoe with an adjustable fastening, such as hook and loop straps, buckles, or laces. And a wide-footed shoe is practically impossible to go wrong with.

There’s nothing more irritating than wearing uncomfortable shoes, especially when traveling. Other shoes are narrower than others, and some brands do not offer wide widths. Maybe you were born with wide feet, or maybe they’ve widened as you’ve gotten older. If you have a wider-than-normal foot, you may have difficulty finding a shoe that fits. While wide feet are normally not a cause for concern, they might occasionally be the result of other health conditions.

Treatment of these disorders, as well as wearing suitable footwear, can help people with broad feet avoid complications. Some persons with wide feet complain about being uncomfortable. This is frequently caused by wearing improperly fitting shoes. If you have broad feet, finding a shoe that fits can make all the difference. Working with an expert who can help you size up is a fantastic option.

 different type of feet
different types of feet


Wide feet benefit from open-sided shoes because they provide a more relaxed fit than a fully closed shoe, especially if the shoe is made of suede, which is extremely soft. This shape is popular among bunion sufferers who require more breadth at the bunion’s site.

We offer three different open-side styles, flat, mid-heel, and high heel.
Our Kitty buckle flats are a shoe that may be worn in a variety of ways. Great for daytime wear, but also looks great with a slick evening trouser suit. The open sides make this shoe cool in the summer, but they’re also popular in the winter when paired with tights.

Kitty wide fit buckle flats

woman legs wearing Kitty wide fit buckle flats sandal
woman legs wearing Kitty wide fit buckle flats sandal

One of the reasons our Ava kitten heels are our best-selling shoes is because they are made in this style. The Ava shoe has a 6cm heel that is both stylish and practical. The memory foam padded insole provides additional comfort to the ball of the foot, which is essential when wearing heels.

Ava wide-fit mid-heel shoes with open sides

 black color Ava wide fit mid-heel shoes with open sides for women
black color Ava wide fit mid-heel shoes with open sides for women

2.Factors consider when choosing Best wide feet shoes for women

Width of the feet

Although you’ll almost certainly want to buy a “wide” version of the shoe, each brand’s fit varies, so you might find that some shoes are wide enough.

Women with wide feet may be able to get a better fit by wearing a man’s shoe. If your feet are different lengths, purchase a pair of shoes that will accommodate the larger foot. You should also look for a shoe with a detachable insole so that you can use an orthotic device if necessary.

Furthermore, shoes without attached tongues are desirable because they usually fit better. Your feet put forth a lot of effort, walking thousands of steps per day on average. That is why it is critical to wear well-fitting shoes. But it’s not just about the length when it comes to getting the perfect fit. The breadth of your shoes is also important. You could be putting your feet and the rest of your body at risk for a variety of foot ailments if your shoes are excessively tight.


Regardless of the type of shoe you choose, we recommend prioritizing comfort over fashion when traveling. Fortunately, our readers voted these companies as the comfiest and cute wide-footed shoes. Whether you’re going to a warm or cool location or a combination of both, you’ll want to bring the most comfortable shoes you can. You’ll be walking a lot more while you travel than you will at home, so you’ll need shoes that will give you the support and comfort you need.

This is crucial for anyone who has regular, narrow, or wide feet. We also suggest having at least one decent pair of walking shoes and another pair that you can dress up a little. For long days on their feet, some travelers prefer to have a couple of pairs of shoes to switch between.

3.Another consideration is the choice of shoes for people with wide feet

Keep Straps Simple

 ladies flat sandal
ladies flat sandal

For broad feet, a shoe with too many straps might be confining. Instead, seek T-strap models or shoes with only one or two straps. Beautiful, tiny straps are all well and good until they dig into your feet. Any stitched strap or edge will mold to your foot better than a smooth, unstitched piece of leather. These shoes are comfortable and stylish, and they let your feet breathe.

Look for Adjustable Features

 High heel sandals of women with ankle straps and finger strap
High heel sandals of women with ankle straps and finger strap

According to the Alice Bow blog, you should seek shoes that can adapt to your feet, whether that means a little additional elastic on the sides or a buckle that can be adjusted.
These sandals include two adjustable straps that you may tighten or relax as needed.

Focus on the Heels and Toes

A pointed toe can be confining, but a wide, round toe will give your toes more room to go around. Thicker heels may be preferable when it comes to heels. To aid with balance and support, consider a heel that is wider and stacked. A wide foot will push against the shoe’s sides more, causing you to roll in or out.

 pair of green color Shoes With Heels and Wide Toes for women
Pair of green color Shoes With Heels and Wide Toes for women

Round toe, simple strap Heel with support Fabric is soft and supple. These shoes are perfect in every way. They’re also cute, fit for work, and fairly priced. And you thought wide-fitting shoes were difficult to come by?

Know the Designers and Brands to Look For

Wide-fitting shoes can be found on websites like Zappos, Payless, and Avenue.com. You’ll have a lot more alternatives online than you would in a store. However, if you find yourself at a mall or shopping center, such as in New York City, there are a few stores worth seeing. According to Budget Fashionista, brands such as Nine West and Stuart Weitzman carry styles for women with wider feet. The Huffington Post also recommends Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Piperlime, and Net-a-Porter for shoe shopping.

Don’t Depend On “Breaking Them In”

We’ve all purchased a pair of shoes that are either too tiny, too large, too tight, or just plain unpleasant. Isn’t it true that beauty is pain? However, if you’re looking for a new pair of shoes that you genuinely want to wear, be honest with yourself. Will you truly put up with the discomfort of breaking them in? It’s true that most shoes expand and become more comfortable over time but this can take months.” “I’m guessing you won’t wear them for a few months if you’re in discomfort for more than a few days.

Some Fabrics Are Better Than Others

When you have wide feet, not all fabrics are made equal, and some are better than others. Suede and soft leathers are more likely to mold to your feet than patent leather. This is due to the patent leather’s covering, which prevents it from stretching as much. If you’re still having difficulties stretching your shoes, consider using a shoe stretching spray. Always patch test first to ensure that the color of your shoes will not be altered. Spray the shoes, put them on, and walk around the house for a few hours. You don’t want to do the task yourself? Then go to your local shoe repair shop and inquire about what they can do for you.

4.Shoe Shopping Tips

• Take it slowly. A shoe purchase should never be rushed. While you’re in the store, do your best to see if the shoes fit. Before making a purchase, be sure you understand the return policy.

• Look for the return policy. Check the return policy before making an online purchase.

• Speak with a seasoned professional.

• Look at niche shops. Look for specialty shoe retailers that provide orthopedic and special styles if you have foot concerns, such as bunions.

• Look for toe boxes that are similar to the contour of your foot. Avoid pointed, curvy, and unevenly shaped shoes for the greatest fit. Look for a toe box with enough area.

• Figure out which brands work best for you. Because different brands are known for their shoe styles, widths, and shapes, you may be able to rely on specific brands more.

• Go shoe shopping later in the day. In the afternoon and evening, your feet may expand and become slightly larger than they were at the start of the day.

Shoes To Suit Bunion Suffers

 chart of  different kind of shoes toe of women ,
chart of different kinds of shoe toe of women,

People who have bunions understand the need to select shoes with a bigger toe box to fit the bunion’s width, as well as an upper that is built so that the top section of the shoe does not cut over the bunion, chafing it and causing pain. The heels and flats discussed here have a higher cut vamp that covers the bunion, and the leather is super soft and flexible, making them comfortable to wear all day.

 Chart how to measure a wide feet
how to measure wide feet


The most crucial piece of advice for those with broad feet is to never buy an uncomfortable shoe. The width of your shoes has a significant impact on the comfort and health of your feet. Wearing excessively tight shoes can cause pressure and friction on your feet, resulting in a variety of foot issues.

The form and size of your feet might alter over time due to age, gravity, and a variety of other variables. When purchasing shoes, a professional fitting can assist you in determining the best fit for you.


How to find comfortable wide-width shoes?

A decent pair of wide-width shoes should have a big toe box and provide strong arch support. Look for shoes that are marked as B (standard width), D (wide width), EE, 4E, or 6E for extremely wide-width while you are shoe shopping. Shoes for walking or running typically have the last two choices.

Can I wear wide fit shoes with normal feet?

Although your feet are normal width, it is not a problem if you feel comfortable wearing wide-width shoes. In fact, going on long walks in wide-width shoes with regular feet can occasionally be more comfortable.

Can anyone wear wide shoes?

Just keep in mind that wider shoes are necessary for many reasons than just your foot’s width. Additionally, it depends on your shoe size and gender. Your shoe size is determined by how long you are. For instance, if you wear a size 5 and your foot is 3.75 inches wide, you’ll require a wide fit.

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