How To Buy The Best Waterproof Shoes for Hiking 2023?

A man walking in water terrain wearing waterproof hiking shoes
A man walking in water terrain wearing waterproof hiking shoes

Are you planning to go hiking? Are you looking for the best waterproof hiking shoes? Do you know how to buy the best waterproof shoes for hikes? Whether you are a professional hiker or an amateur hiker, one thing is for sure: for a hike, you need the best shoes to tackle the trails while hiking.

Hiking is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. But if you’re planning on hiking in wet or rainy conditions, you’ll need a good pair of waterproof shoes. Waterproof hiking shoes will keep your feet dry and comfortable, even in the worst weather.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying waterproof hiking shoes. First, you’ll need to decide what type of hiking you’ll be doing. If you’re only going to be doing light hiking on well-maintained trails, you can get away with a pair of shoes that are only partially waterproof. But if you’re planning on doing more challenging hikes, you’ll need a pair of shoes that are fully waterproof.

Second, you’ll need to consider the fit of the shoes. Waterproof hiking shoes should fit snugly, but not too tightly. You should have enough room to wiggle your toes, but the shoes shouldn’t be so loose that they slide around on your feet.

Finally, you’ll need to choose a pair of shoes that are comfortable. Waterproof hiking shoes can be heavier than non-waterproof shoes, so it’s important to find a pair that you can wear for long periods of time without getting uncomfortable.

Here are some additional factors to consider when buying waterproof hiking shoes:

  • Durability: The shoes should be durable enough to withstand the rigors of hiking in wet conditions.
  • Breathability: The shoes should be breathable to prevent moisture buildup and blisters.
  • Support: The shoes should provide adequate support for your feet and ankles.
  • Comfort: The shoes should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Before Buying A Pair Of Waterproof Shoes For Hiking You Should Know Why You Need Specific Hiking Shoes.

Lightweight Shoes

Since you are a hiker and when you hike, you have to walk a long day, you need shoes that should be lightweight and can reduce strain on your back and legs while hiking the whole day. 

Wearing a lightweight pair of shoes all day will reduce fatigue and you will not feel any extra burden while hiking and will keep your feet comfortable and relaxed.

Proper Support And Stability In Shoes.

During your hiking, you will pass through some uneven surfaces like rocky surfaces, branches, and hard tree roots, for this purpose, you need a pair of hiking shoes having proper support and stability, which can prevent twisted feet and ankles during hiking on different kinds of surfaces.

Feet Protection

When you hike, you pass through different kinds of weather conditions and objects. Sometimes the weather is rainy where you face wet, cold, and slippery surfaces, and sometimes it is very hot weather. Your shoes for hiking should have proper protection, especially on your toe, which keeps your feet from any moisture and keeps your feet dry. 

How To Select the Best and Right Pair of Waterproof Hiking Shoes?

What things should you consider before choosing shoes for hiking?

Hiking Shoes with Short Ankles

A picture of hiking Shoe with Short Ankle
Short Ankle Shoe
  • Shoes Should be Lightweight so you don’t feel heavy while carrying your backpack load and you can feel easy and comfortable.
  • Those hiking shoes should have a flexible midsole that can bend slightly when the weight of the load comes and you can easily bend your toes.
  • Make sure shoes should have a good range of movement in your foot-ankle area.
  • Shoes that don’t give you that much enough stability for your long hikes on uneven surfaces and terrain.

Hiking Shoes with Mid Cut

hiking Shoes with Mid Cut
Mid-Cut Hiking Shoe/boot
  • These shoes are ideal if you go for a hike of two or three days and carry a lightweight backpack.

Shoes With High Cut.

Hiking Shoes With High Cut.
High Cut Hiking Shoes/Boots
  • These kinds of shoes are more durable, these shoes have a cut above your foot ankle that provides your feet extra support while hiking. These shoes are stiff and very stable.
  • Hiking shoes with high cuts are suitable if you are carrying a heavy load in your backpack, These types of shoes will not put pressure on your knees, ankle, and your feet and will keep it very comfortable so that you can hike easily.
  • If you are hiking you need the type of shoes that can provide your ankle proper support so these high-cut shoes have proper support for your ankle and will help to less likely to roll your ankle while hiking on uneven surfaces.
  • While hiking you walk on surfaces like rocky terrain so the shoes with the high cut will prevent you from getting into your shoes, stones, sticks, or other things.
  • High-cut shoes you can call heavy-duty shoes as well because these are best if you go for a number of days hiking and you have a heavy load that you will carry while hiking, high cut shoes are best for that purpose.

Material And Parts Of Hiking Shoes.

You need to check the below things in hiking shoes before buying them.

Upper Of The Shoes

The upper of a hiking shoe is the part that covers the top of your foot. It is made from a variety of materials, including leather, mesh, synthetic, and suede. The type of upper that is best for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Leather uppers are durable and supportive, while mesh uppers are breathable and lightweight. Synthetic uppers are a good compromise between durability and breathability. Suede uppers are soft and supple, but they are not as durable as leather.

When choosing an upper for your hiking shoes, you should consider the following factors: durability, breathability, support, and comfort. By considering these factors, you can choose the best upper for your hiking shoes and ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable hike.

Leather Upper Hiking Shoes

Leather Upper Hiking Shoe
Leather Upper Hiking Shoe
  • Shoes with full-grain leather are the most suitable and best hiking shoes for rough and difficult conditions; these are good options but heavy in weight.
  • Nubuck’s upper shoes are full of grain leather. These types of shoes are durable and good for tough conditions of hiking and are also water-resistant.
  • Shoes are upper with split grain, this leather has a smooth exterior and has been split in two. This combination makes shoes lightweight and breathable for hot weather conditions but this type is less waterproof and also has less durability.

Hiking Shoes with Synthetic Upper

Hiking Shoes with Synthetic Upper
Hiking Shoes with Synthetic Upper
  • Shoes with polyester or nylon are not very durable, very light in weight, and dry and breakfast so you should know before choosing these shoes for hiking.
  • Shoes with mesh uppers are very breathable and are good if you hiking in hot weather conditions and will keep your feet cool while hiking, These types of shoes are not waterproof so don’t use these shoes if you go for a hike in a wet area.
  • Shoes with waterproof membranes are ideal for rainy areas or wet areas hiking but the flaw of these types of shoes is they are not breathable so your feet will get sweaty if the condition is hot.
  • Shoes with insulated uppers will keep your feet warm if you are hiking in extremely cold conditions and the best part of the shoes, these dry fast the shoes when shoes get wet, so good choice for extremely cold and wet areas.

Hiking Shoes Mid Sole

  • The midsole is an important part of any shoe. It always provides cushioning and stiffness and keeps your feet comfortable and stable while walking, etc. If the shoe midsole is thicker it means shoes will provide more support to your feet.
  • Check that the shoes you’re buying for hiking make sure that shoes should have a midsole should shock absorbent and cushioning to absorb shocks when stepping or jumping while hiking on surfaces.
  • The midsole of polyurethane is very good because this type of midsole shoe is durable and heavier in weight and is best-suitable if you want to go on long hikes.
  • Midsole made of EVA this type of midsole shoe is suitable if you want to use it for short hiking. These shoes have extra cushioning.
  • Midsole with Have Shanks is ideal if you are hiking and carrying a heavy load it will provide you support between the shoe mod sole and outer sole.
  • Midsole shoes having plates underneath the shank will protect your feet’ bottom from rocks and hard surfaces during the hike.
  • The breathable midsole will keep your feet dry and it will prevent your feet from bacteria and bad odors.
  • Hiking shoe midsoles that are insulated are warmer because that insulation will trap the heat and will make your feet warmer if you are hiking in extremely cold weather conditions.

Outer Sole Of Hiking Shoes

  • The outer sole of shoes will give your feet a grip and proper stability and will keep your feet comfortable. If the outsole of the shoes is stiffer it will keep your feet more comfortable while hiking.
  • Most of the shoe outsoles are made from rubber which gives your feet more grip while hiking.
  • Some Shoes’ outer sole is made of rubber carbon which makes the shoes harder and more durable but doesn’t provide much grip while hiking on the surfaces.
  • The outer sole of shoes has lugs that provide your feet a better grip and it’s easy to clear out the mud from the shoes if you get it during your hikes.
  • Hiking shoe outsoles with a thick and deep set are better for traction and dispersing water more efficiently so good if you are hiking in rainy areas where water is, these types of outsole shoes are ideal for those conditions.

Hiking Shoes Size And Fitting

Fitting and shoe size for hiking is as important as for other shoes so before buying the shoe size and fitting related consider the below points for buying shoes.

  • The Length of the shoes should be accurate, always measure your feet properly and check the shoes.
  • When choosing hiking shoes after wearing them make sure that you can easily wiggle your toes on both feet and don’t feel any pressure and tightness in your toes.
  • Most people have one foot bigger than the other foot. If you have the same issue then you should choose shoes for hiking shoes that fit your bigger foot and you feel comfortable while wearing and walking.
  • Make sure when you wear the shoes your foot shouldn’t slide around inside the shoes it sits fit in the shoes.
  • Your foot should properly fit the space inside the shoes snugly and you feel secure and comfortable.
  • In case your foot and volume don’t match then you can end up with a blister and black toenails which hurt your feet badly and will make you uncomfortable in your hiking.
  • When you want to buy shoes for hiking, experts suggest always going shopping when your feet swell like late in the day after your work because late in the day your feet are at their largest, and this way you can choose the best-fit shoes for the hike.
  • If you always wear socks with your hiking shoes so you must wear them while checking the new shoes so that you can get fit and properly comfortable shoes.
  • If you use any orthotics, cushions, or ankle straps in your hiking shoes so while trying shoes must wear them so that you can get an accurate fit size.
  • When you choose any shoes for hiking before buying, you must wear them and walk around for a while so that you can make sure that the shoes are comfortable and keep your feet relaxed while wearing and walking.

How to Choose the Right Hiking Boots

How to Choose the Right Hiking Boots


When buying shoes for hiking, always go for a quality product, Never compromise on the quality of shoes since you are buying them for hiking, and if you get any low-quality products and during the hike, those shoes get broken, it will be a terrible situation for you. So always go for the best quality shoes.

If you have any foot problems, always seek the advice of an expert or specialist who can recommend the best hiking shoes that are durable, comfortable, and the best.


How do I keep my feet dry while hiking?

Put on two pairs of hiking socks, select high-quality hiking socks, and so on.
Foot Balm: Apply Foot Balm.
Select trail runners rather than boots.
During longer breaks, remove your shoes and socks.
Once you are at camp, put on water-resistant socks.

Can you walk through water in hiking boots?

Most hiking boots have some level of waterproofing. These can be pricey Gore-Tex membranes or boots with a waterproof coating. Depending on how much water you will be walking through on your hike, these boots may or may not keep you dry.

Can you wear water shoes as everyday shoes?

Water shoes can easily convert into a limited version of a “hiking shoe.” Just be sure to dry the foot completely (to prevent blisters) and to wear a well-padded hiking sock.

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