10 The Best Winter Walking Shoes for Women 2023

A woman wearing winter walking shoes and a winter dress walking in the snow
A woman wearing winter walking shoes and a winter dress walking in the snow

When temperatures start to drop, it’s time to break out the winter walking shoes. But with so many options on the market, which ones should you choose?

In this article, we’ll recommend 10 of the best winter walking shoes for women. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right pair of shoes for your needs.

So whether you’re looking for a stylish pair of boots or something more practical, we’ve got you covered.

1. Introduction

You’ve spent the entire winter wearing the same pair of shoes. It’s finally the coldest time of the year, and you just couldn’t wait to get them off this year. But you know you need more options once the weather starts dropping and the snowflakes start rolling down your cheeks.

Luckily, seasonal footwear is a bit trickier than what you know now because, while they do go with dresses, skirts, and even jeans, there’s a lot to get right. You don’t want a pair of boots that will show up on maternity leggings if you’ve dropped your pants during a bumpy boat trip.

Your winter boots should have the following characteristics:

Winter boots characteristics
Winter boots characteristics

They must be breathable and comfortable. You don’t want your feet to sweat and be hot the second the warmer weather arrives.

A waterproof pair of boots is a bonus, but don’t let a working shoe store fool

You might be fooled into thinking they need to be covered in duct tape just because it’s winter.

You want a pair that will keep your toes warm at, around, or above 0 °C, and that’s it.

A few factors like material, fabric, and design will also contribute to the overall look of the footwear.

Keep reading this buyer’s guide to learn which shoes we think are the best for a laid-back, active lifestyle.

2. What Factor Is Most Important for Women’s Winter Walking Shoes?

It’s no secret that walking shoes are built from the ground up for exceptional performance, sizing, comfort, and support. That said, spending some extra dollars on an extra pair of walking shoes is not advised.

If you want to complete your running training, you absolutely don’t need to add a second pair of “dressy” or “sporty” winter walking shoes to your collection.

Review 10 Best Winter Walking Shoes for Women 2

Salomon Quest GORE-TEX Women’s

The Salomon brand is widely known for producing equipment for ice or cold weather. High-tech materials are combined in the Salomon Quest GORE-TEX to provide great protection and high traction, which helps to keep your feet steady when you walk on slick surfaces. The ideal layout includes a lacing mechanism that you can easily modify to fit your feet.

These waterproof shoes for walking on ice can endure the intense pressure experienced when moving through snow or water. The toe cap would provide excellent protection for your toes and prevent injuries. Additionally, the leather upper offers support and comfort when walking.

In addition, the rubber outsole, which was designed utilizing cutting-edge production technology, offers a high level of traction for effortless walking on most surfaces. The shock-absorbing EVA foam midsole effectively guards your feet against accidents.

You can engage in numerous forms of sports activities in cold and icy conditions, such as trail running, skiing, or hiking, while wearing these Salomon Quest GORE-TEX shoes. You’ll be satisfied, undoubtedly.

  • dependable, light, and cozy
  • For ease of movement on all terrain, provide ankle support.
  • resist high pressure and be waterproof
  • Enhanced stability thanks to high traction For a good fit, use the lacing method.
  • EVA foam padding in the midsole.
  • is suitable for a variety of winter sports.
  • Not very durable

Merrell Thermo Chill Mid WP – Women’s

We were pleasantly impressed by the Merrell Thermo Chill Mid in every category thanks to its incredibly adaptable design, which maintained warmth and breathability throughout our testing period. The comfortable lining and midsole support is excellent for both indoor and outdoor work, and the flexible rubber outsole provides just the right amount of traction for exploring trails.

You won’t feel like you’re trekking uphill while being attached to a 5-pound weight because the external design is both strong and light. The fact that this is one of the least expensive boots in our study just adds to the appeal of these excellent qualities.

Although this is a style that excels in every manner, we would prefer a little more ankle coverage to prevent snow off our socks and a bit stiffer and taller build to boost stability and confidence on rough terrain. Due to its softer nature, we are also a little concerned about the rubber outsole wearing out, but it held up well during our testing time. If you’re searching for a versatile, high-performing boot that won’t break the budget, this boot is a great value overall. The Thermo Chill is also available from Merrell in a men’s version.

  • good value
  • incredibly breathable
  • trustworthy grip
  • limited scope
  • unique hiking style

 UGG Adirondack III 

When choosing a pair of durable winter boots, UGG may not be the first company that springs to mind, but for the past three winters, we have consistently turned to their Adirondack III model. With a premium leather and suede upper supported by a waterproof membrane, you get excellent protection from rain, slush, and snow, and the natural wool liner is velvety, toasty, and even performs well when wet.

The Adirondack’s design gives it a great deal of versatility: when the cuff is rolled down, you get a whimsical, casual boot that is at home over jeans or leggings. It’s not often that wool is utilized in a serious winter boot. The Adirondack is a conventional leather type with no frills, warmth, or utility when it is completely extended.

It’s important to remember that temperature ratings can be deceptive. Don’t race to the Arctic in the Adirondack III boot, which UGG rates at a minimum of -25°F. During our tests, it endured snow, puddles, and extremely low temperatures of just 15 F. In exchange for a little less warmth and covering, its shorter, more relaxed build allows for better mobility during activities like raking the driveway or walking the dog.

The III also now has a significantly more secure sole as a result of a recent improvement, solidifying its status as a strong one-quiver design. The Adirondack III earns our top spot despite the pricey premium materials because it is a warm and fashionable boot that fits in both the city and the mountains.

  • Warm wool lining,
  • excellent waterproofing,
  • adaptable design
  • expensive and a little heavy

Keen Revel IV Polar 

Keen Revel IV Polar winter boots remain our favorite winter hiking boots in spite of some fierce competition. The 200 grams of insulation and extremely thick soles are meant for all-day wear and will keep your feet toasty even if you’re standing around in the coldest weather. The lugs held to mud, slippery pebbles, and logs with ease when traction on slick trails was tested.

The fact that the outsole and upper still appear brand new after more than 60 kilometers is proof of its durability thus far. Although it’s probably too thick for year-round use, it breathes in warm weather and will keep your feet dry up to its cuff (7.5 inches).

The Revel IV Polar is one of our favorite winter boots in the collection, offering a great fit, comfort, and traction that will keep your feet happy outside on the coldest days. While the protective top provides excellent weather protection to keep your feet dry, the strong lugs below will grip slippery trails and smash through deep snow. If you’re looking for a sturdy winter hiker, we recommend this boot as your first choice of footwear.

For its size, the Revel IV Polar provides exceptional weather protection. Just above the ankle, the high-top construction is present. While providing for the range of motion required for hiking, its design also offers enough coverage to keep your ankles secure on sloping and slippery surfaces. For those who prefer more even coverage, Keen also makes a higher-top model of this boot.

  • High-quality,
  • durable,
  • Warm,
  • ventilating,
  • grippy, and protective.
  • less trendy,
  • heavier,
  • stiff collar

Timberland Women’s White Ledge Mid-Ankle Boots

These Timberland White Ledge Mid Ankle shoes are perfect if you require a pair of casual winter shoes because they feature a classic design and aren’t bulky or sloppy like other kinds of winter boots on the market.

These shoes for walking on ice guarantee to offer the elements you require to effectively safeguard your feet. Additionally, these boots are of very excellent quality and durability so you may wear them for a very long time without them wearing out or falling off.

These high-performance sneakers can be worn casually for hiking or to go to work. Fully waterproof, the leather top and seam-sealed design. Additionally, a lacing system was included for rapid tied-up adjustments. Your feet would feel comfortable. Due to the EVA footbed’s great insulation, you will remain comfortable and warm all day.

  • excellent leather materials
  • highly waterproof
  • Warmth and dryness for feet are provided.
  • Good quality and accurate sizing
  • Collar padding and front lacing
  • Added warmth and an EVA footbed
  • Excellent for daily use
  • Boots do not have insulation.

 Kamik Momentum 3

The women’s Momentum boot from Kamik has a lot going for it. With a durable rubber lower, strong nylon upper with a sealed seam (uncommon at this price point), and a healthy 11.8-inch shaft height for sufficient clearance from snow and water, it is first and foremost clearly designed for winter use. Second, despite having all the capabilities listed above, the boot has a stylish appearance and is available in many different color combinations.

Finally, we adore Kamik’s price, which, depending on your size and color preference, is at least $50–$100 less than that of the majority of the competition. All things considered, the combination of value and adaptability is unmatched.

Remember that despite having synthetic HEAT-MX insulation and a faux fur collar, the Momentum is only moderately warm. Additionally, the nylon top seems a little plasticky and lower quality than many of the more expensive options offered, and it may be more susceptible to absorbing moisture (an issue in wet snow or when stepping through puddles).

And because the lacing ends before the cuff, you can’t adjust the fit as precisely as you can with the UGG above and the Oboz Bridger below, even though the bungee system is quick and simple to use. But Momentum is one of the best deals on the market, and we like its flexibility.

  • Waterproof Warm Snow is kept out by a high shaft.
  • broad footbed inadequate arch support a little heavy

The North Face Shellista IV Mid

Because of its outstanding all-around comfort and a style that makes winter seem a little less daunting, The North Face Shellista IV Mid stands out among winter boots. The mid-calf structure easily sheds moisture from the outside and can plow through snowdrifts. The interior of the Shellista is lined with unbelievably plush faux fur that retains heat and envelops your feet like a cozy blanket.

The relatively lightweight design, which offers warmth and coverage on the coldest of days, is a nice difference from some of the heavier designs in our review. This is a fantastic alternative to add to your footwear collection if you want a warm, traditional winter boot without adding extra weight.

One of our favorite all-around performers is the Shellista IV Mid, which has undergone a few changes throughout time. It easily moves from the town to the trails, and the most recent version provides better protection and usability. The Shellista IV offers excellent heat retention properties and a noteworthy warmth-to-weight ratio thanks to its 200 grams of insulation.

Despite its general street-to-trail capabilities, the boot fell short in the traction department, leaving us with slick ascents and descents on steeper routes. In any case, the boot is a fantastic all-day choice for individuals who value warm, lightweight footwear in the coldest of climates.

  • Lightweight,
  • incredibly plush inside,
  • tough leather exterior
  • Poor traction on the outsole

 Oboz Bridger 7” Insulated

The iconic Bridger, one of our favorite hiking boots, receives a comprehensive cold-weather update with the Oboz Bridger 7″ Insulated. The Bridger 7″ is a few inches taller and has 200-gram 3M Thinsulate insulation in addition to a warm and fashionable wool collar to boost the boot’s snow protection. Added features for trekking include a gaiter ring at the forefoot and a rubber tab at the heel for hands-free boot removal (it also helps with securing snowshoes).

Furthermore, we were pleased to discover that Oboz largely maintained the flagship Bridger’s light and nimble feel, and the lacing mechanism does a wonderful job of ensuring a secure fit. All things considered, it’s a good option for lengthy winter journeys, walks, and snowshoeing.

In harsh conditions, the Bridger 7″ Insulated falls short. On cold days and during lower-intensity sports, the relatively little insulation will leave your feet freezing (although Oboz also manufactures a 9″ version with 400g insulation). The insulation balances warmth and breathability well when you’re moving around. Additionally, the boot can run a touch small in the heel (keep this in mind especially if you’re planning to use heavyweight socks), and the stiff top takes some time to break in.

Finally, while the outsole has good traction on hard-packed soil and light snow, it has poor traction on ice due to the absence of sharp lugs (remember your winter traction devices). These flaws lessen the Bridger Insulated’s all-around attractiveness a little, but it’s still a solid product. however, a fantastic performance choice.

  • warm,
  • supporting,
  • waterproof,
  • comfy,
  • Shorter design,
  • technical style,
  • runs small,
  • poor on ice

Merrell Women’s Coldpack Ice+ Snow

These Merrell Men’s Coldpack shoes have a lower top, which allows for more ankle flexibility and is more comfortable than any other type of footwear for ice conditions. These shoes’ simple, modern style makes them ideal for casual walking, going to work, or other places.

Shoes are made of fabric, not leather or other harsh materials like other winter shoes, so your feet feel more cushioned. Your feet are well protected by the leather upper, which also stops the shoes from absorbing water. Additionally, the Vibram outsole features a cutting-edge design for increased traction and a non-slip motion when walking on icy surfaces.

The high insulation and desiccant material in these Merrell Coldpack Ice+ shoes keep your feet warm and dry throughout the day, despite the outward protection they provide.

You should wear these shoes if you want to go out casually throughout the winter. Purchase some to get their benefits.

  • For secure and safe mobility on ice conditions, use an outsole with high traction.

  • Low-top footwear to promote ankle mobility

  • Features: keep feet warm and dry all day suitable arch support

  • True to size and fits feet well.

  • clothing that is cushioned and comfortable

  • Most casual walks or trips are suitable.

  • Numerous consumers gripe about not obtaining the size they purchased.

  • Shoes are quite likely to slip.

Bogs Crandall II Tall Adjustable

For those looking for a boot with reliable leg covering at a reasonable price, the Bogs Crandall II Tall Adjustable is cozy and safe winter footwear. We appreciated the 13″ shaft’s ability to provide calf coverage and how easy it was to move around in this boot. Nevertheless, despite these advantages, we were eventually dissatisfied with the boot’s ability to retain heat in cooler winter weather. The upper’s lack of stability also affects comfort in snowy conditions. In the end, this is a pretty breathable, lightweight boot that works well for mild winter regions but isn’t the ideal choice for cold winter climates.

The Bogs Crandall II Tall is a flexible boot that is ideal for lengthy workdays and errands. It was quite simple for us to move in, had excellent coverage, and was very waterproof. Unfortunately, the lack of lugs on the outsole and the lack of structure in the upper made walking on icy or snowy surfaces, especially those that were uneven or uphill, difficult and somewhat nerve-wracking.

  • Lightweight, 

  • adaptable, 

  • decent protection, 

  • calf adjustment

  • Not the warmest, 

  • had little traction, 

  •  wasn’t strong enough for use on trails

BomKinta Women’s Snow Boots Keep Warm

When it’s icy outside, you must wear winter shoes to navigate the sidewalks and streets. For your benefit, these MonKinta snow boots would be the ideal choice because of their fashionable winter style, which goes well with various types of your outfits. They are also trained to protect your feet when you step outside in the winter and walk on icy, chilly pavement.

These Bomkinta women’s snowshoes are made of premium materials and fabric that is strong, flexible, soft, water-resistant, and effectively insulates. You won’t lose your balance thanks to the anti-skid outsole.

Your feet will be protected from snow and water by the cotton uppers, which will also keep them warm and dry in chilly weather. Additionally, since the materials restrict the permeability of different forms of filth like mud, snow, or liquids, cleaning up is simple. You can choose from a selection of five strong colors based on which ones you prefer. You would never have a better pair of shoes to wear on chilly days.

  • Warm and comfy winter footwear

  • Good quality and accurate sizing

  • resistant to water and snow

  • Non-slip and simple to maintain

  • Stylish and elegant appearance

  • sturdy and strong materials

  • complement thick socks

  • used for getting out and daily walks

  • The sizes vary a lot.

How to Buy A Good Shoe for Winter?


Winter shoes grip designs
Winter shoe grip designs

The most important aspect of winter shoes to keep you steady when walking on ice surfaces is the grip. When walking in slick, icy conditions, you reduce your risk of slipping or falling by wearing shoes with rubber outsoles or thick treads that grip the ground better.

Waterproofing and water resistance

Waterproofing and water resistance
Waterproofing and water resistance

The second aspect is waterproofing, which prevents liquids or other moisture-containing materials from getting on your feet. Wearing waterproof or water-resistant shoes would be essential while walking outside due to the constant presence of snow and damp surfaces in the chilly temperatures.


You need to keep your feet warm enough when you are in a cold environment. And to help with this, walking shoes for ice frequently contain specific qualities. The best component for keeping heat inside is insulation.

Look at the shoe temperature rating and the amount of insulation indicated in grams to determine whether shoes are appropriate for your present temperature. For further foot warming, some boots may have synthetic materials like footbeds, fleece, Thinsulate, and others.


You will look for comfort in a pair of winter shoes, especially if you frequently take long walks on snow-, water-, and ice-covered sidewalks. You will need comfortable, supportive shoes for walking on ice so that you can move easily.

Shoes often have a soft inner lining or a cushioned footbed that provides a comfortable fit and helps to shield your feet from shock and pain. Additionally, you need arch support to help you walk long distances and reduce hip, toe, or ankle pain.

3. Find the Right Type of Winter Walking Shoes

Say goodbye to old boots for good if you trade in your breathable summer walking booties for the right pair of winter walking shoes to keep you warm and comfortable over the cold, wintry months.

Winter walking shoes don’t have to be so stiff. If your budget is limited, forgo extra-sturdy options and invest in soft, breathable, and flexible walking shoes.

Winter sandals are great when you want a pair of walking shoes that can work as ballerina flats or ice skates.

Your experience with winter walking shoes will vary depending on your height.

For kids over 6 feet, winter walking shoes may need to come in full-length sizing.

Another option is to pair walking shoes with a thick cross-knit or bootie sock inside.

Or you can layer your walking boots over athletic socks or Vankast V-Fit Training Socks.

How To Choose Winter Shoes

How To Choose Winter Shoes
4. Starting Your Winter Walking Program

You may wonder What’s the point of beginning a winter walking program?

As the title hopefully suggests, if you have been a bad sport about starting a winter walking program in 2022, by all means now is the time.

It’s always best to do something that is beneficial to one’s well-being.

Winter running and walking give your body that much-needed recovery. The set temperature is the best weather in which one can take off their sweat-coated clothing, especially when jogging or walking. It also gives you the opportunity to go for short walks to long runs on the winter trail. No matter what time of the year it is, there’s a good winter running program out there.

Making it a habit yearly can assure that it’s not neglected after the warm weather of summer.

5 . Conclusion

This is where you will have the chance to talk about extreme cold weather clothing that can help prevent hypothermia.

Maintaining a healthy circulation rate. This will keep the body fluids warm.

Ventilation: Experts say the more you can move while you walk, the safer you are if you have cold weather.

Although outdoor sports boots are made to help hold in heat, winter walking boots are made to help keep your feet as warm as possible during these cold days and nights.

If your boots are tall and you’re wearing a dress — it’s fantastic if you could find a way for them to be a little lower.

Choose a supportive upper. The top layer of your shoe is the most important component. Ensure the boots fit well by choosing a size that’s a (Note 2. Forefoot) bit wider on the top compared to the width at the bottom.

Choose a water-proof and water-crease-resistant material as this will protect the material from becoming wet and possibly an uneven match depending on your water dress. Later while you are indoors and take a shower, it will save a lot of arguing.

You staying warm and dry is not the only challenge. You should choose snow that is going to keep your feet warm.

This winter, don’t let the cold stop you from getting your daily dose of exercise. These ten walking shoes will keep your feet warm and toasty, so you can enjoy a brisk walk in the park or around the neighborhood.


What footwear has the best traction on ice?

The best shoes for this are usually boots with rubber outsoles that prevent slipping. Due to their gripping, and high-traction outsoles, shoes that are typically worn for hiking or climbing are ideal to wear when it’s icy and frosty outside.

Does wearing socks with winter shoes make sense?

Socks are a wonderful idea to wear with winter footwear since they help to keep your shoes dry and warm, give comfort, stop your bare feet from rubbing against the shoes, and increase foot warmth. Silver and copper-based socks are the best options because they are highly antimicrobial.

In order to walk on ice, what kind of insulation should I seek in my shoes?

To keep your feet warm in icy circumstances, you must find ice-walking footwear with good insulation. The most popular insulating materials are Thinsulate and Primaloft. You can take the temperature rating and insulation weight into consideration; the higher the insulation weight, the better the insulation performs.

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