8 Best And Comfortable Heavy Runners Shoes For Men

heavy men wearing heavy runners shoes and running
heavy men wearing heavy runners shoes and running

Comfortable heavy runners shoes for men are a must-have for anyone who is looking for a shoe that can withstand the rigors of heavy running. These shoes are designed with a number of features that make them perfect for heavier runners, including a cushioned midsole that provides excellent shock absorption, a sturdy outsole that provides great traction on a variety of surfaces, and a durable upper that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy running.

Additionally, many comfortable heavy runners for men come with a reinforced heel and toe that provide added support and protection, as well as a breathable lining that helps to keep the foot cool and dry. Overall, if you are a heavier runner looking for a shoe that can keep up with your demanding needs, then a comfortable heavy runner shoe is an excellent choice.

Choosing the ideal type of shoe will be the key to running and preventing running injuries. They’re an expense, so make sure you’re buying the best shoes possible so you can enjoy your runs and maintain proper body posture. Many heavy runners have never had decent athletic shoes designed just for them. Now, some of the greatest shoe manufacturers are offering shoes designed especially for people who are overweight. The good times might not be here to stay, given some health issues that overweight people face, but they’re certainly on the upswing.

It’s easier for shorter runners to wear out a shoe than it is for longer runners. A study done by the German Sport University Cologne found that shorter runners tend to break in a shoe’s midsole a bit faster than longer runners.

Whether you’re looking to shed some pounds or are a naturally very heavy and muscular man, it may be a good idea to select running shoes that are the most robust and durable for you. They can help ensure you’re not wearing out your clothes faster than you should be

8 Comfortable Heavy Runners Shoes for Men Review


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  • The Saucony Echelon 8 is a well-built shoe. Its shape is stable, balanced, form-fitting, and well-cushioned. Although it’s a quite stable shoe, it may not fit someone with an overpronating gait. Experience the epitome of comfort and performance with the latest heavy-duty runner shoes. Engineered with innovative features, these shoes redefine your running journey.
  • The revolutionary PWRRUN cushioning offers an optimal blend of softness and responsiveness, ensuring endless miles of plush comfort that never wavers. Step with confidence as the new lightweight midfoot support panel enhances stability, providing a solid foundation that keeps you steady on any terrain.
  • Embrace a generous fit tailored to diverse needs; whether you use orthotics, have flat feet, or require ample space, the FORMFIT construction delivers exceptional comfort. Reinforced by a new 3D heel counter, your foot is securely cradled with every stride.
  • Not only do these shoes uplift your running experience, but they also leave a lighter environmental footprint – embracing vegan materials and incorporating recycled uppers. Elevate your runs and make each step count with these heavy runner shoes that harmoniously blend performance, comfort, and sustainability.
  • A great feature of the Echelon is the light but flexible shoe’s supportive panel under the midfoot. This helps you when you have a light but stable shoe on. The shoe’s 3D heel counterbalances your foot, so you are extra stable. Flat laces make it as easy as you’d like to close your shoe, so there won’t be any unnecessary looseness or looseness that would cause instability. They provide a cushion-like feel and are protective for joints.
  • crystal rubber outsole
  • Very much padded sole
  • Extensive toe box
  • 3D heel counter for additional steadiness
  • Not available in extra wide sizes


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  • Brooks is one of the most famous and respected shoe manufacturers. It has a reputation for being very comfortable, so it’s the best choice for heavy runners who need shoes that won’t hurt their feet.
  • Designed to cater to both runners and walkers, the men’s Brooks Addiction 14 shoe offers unparalleled support and a roomy fit. If you’ve been seeking comfort and relief from pain in conventional performance running shoes, this shoe is the answer you’ve been looking for. Engineered with precision, the Brooks Addiction 14 is not only your ideal companion for fitness but also qualifies as a certified PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe. Additionally, it proudly bears the APMA Seal of Acceptance, a testament to its exceptional design.
  • Indulge in the luxurious comfort provided by BioMoGo DNA, a proprietary cushioning system that intelligently adapts to your unique stride, weight, and speed. By doing so, it serves as your defense against the impact on your joints, safeguarding your body as you move.
  • Experience unrivaled support through the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB), strategically crafted to stabilize your entire body. This innovative support system positions arch support in a manner that guides and maintains your body’s natural path of motion, enhancing your stability with every step.
  • Embrace the freedom of movement with the generously spacious fit. Catering to those with flat or high-volume feet, as well as those requiring specialized orthotics, this shoe ensures you have the room you need to thrive.
  • Incorporating cutting-edge technology, certified functionality, and a commitment to your well-being, the Brooks Addiction 14 is more than just a shoe; it’s a companion on your journey to comfort, support, and pain relief.
  • If you’re trying to stay fit, you can choose an Addiction 14 running shoe that makes it easy to remove the insole and fit a custom orthotic in the shoe. So, for example, if you’re using a custom orthotic in the shoe and want to reduce the space, BioMoGo DNA’s DNA midsole is unique. It has very cushy cushioning that adapts to your foot and your stride.
  • Other key features of this popular shoe that make it a good option for those who are heavy runners include an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB), which prevents your feet from rolling, a Segmented Crash Pad, which smooths out the landing and transfers foot shock away from your joints, as well as a wide variety of fits, including narrow, wide, and extra-wide.
  • Progressive Diagonal Rollbar for pronation control
  • Heel Segmented Crash Pad to ease arrivals
  • Eco-accommodating BioMoGo DNA padded sole Engineered mesh upper
  • A few sprinters might feel the shoe isn’t adequately adaptable


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  • The Gaviota 2 won first prize for the most cushioned shoe for heavy running shoes. It’s designed as a stability shoe for overpronators, but it works for both overpronators and neutral runners.
  • Elevate your running experience with the HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Gaviota 2 Fitness Lace Up Running Shoes in stylish gray. Crafted to provide both performance and comfort, these shoes are designed for those who seek excellence in every stride. With a size of 10 Medium, they offer a perfect fit for a variety of runners.
  • The Gaviota 2 features a lace-up design that ensures a secure and personalized fit, allowing you to focus on your run without distractions. Whether you’re hitting the track or exploring new trails, these shoes are your reliable partner.
  • Embrace the unique HOKA ONE ONE technology that combines cushioning and responsiveness. With their distinctive design, these shoes provide a harmonious balance of comfort and energy return, making each step feel effortless.
  • Their first advantage is the stability they will provide. The mesh upper will allow you to feel light and comfortable during active pursuits. They’re also great at providing breathability thanks to their mesh upper.
  • The base of the shoe is stable because it features a Late-Stage Meta-Rocker, which is a device that helps a person move forward by rolling the wheel that holds one foot, to move more easily.
  • This design is supported by an RMAT J-Frame, which uses a dual-density foam layer, with a firmer section on the side of the foot that acts as a support and helps a pronator foot maintain stability.
  • Whether you’re an avid fitness enthusiast or a casual jogger, the HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Gaviota 2 Fitness Lace Up Running Shoes are the perfect complement to your active lifestyle. Step into these shoes and experience the fusion of style and performance that Hoka One One is renowned for.
  • Arch-Lock also uses wings inside your shoe to make sure your foot stays in place.
  • Because of its synthetic material,
  • Arch-Lock can also protect your foot from external elements.
  • The shoe comes in neutral, as all of the previous pairs did
  • The insole of this footwear, however, can be removed for personalized insoles on the bottom of the footwear.

4. Brooks Men’s Glycerin 17

Brooks Men's Glycerin 17
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  • The Glycerin 17s is a highly reviewed and durable running shoe for heavier runners. Their 24mm stack height and reliable DNA cushioning combine for a durable, and comfortable shoe that is perfect for anyone who needs to go the distance on his or her way.
  • Select the perfect fit for your feet with the following size options: “D” for Medium width and “EE” for Wide width. Whether you’re a neutral runner in pursuit of exceptional softness and cushioning, the shoe you’ve been waiting for has arrived. With a sleeker design than its predecessors, this shoe caters to those who crave abundant cushioning without compromising on style.
  • Experience the ultimate in comfort with DNA Loft cushioning, which delivers a plush and opulent sensation underfoot. This advanced technology ensures that responsiveness and durability remain intact, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious feel throughout your run. The OrthoLite sockliner further enhances your step-in comfort, elevating your overall experience.
  • Achieve the perfect fit and an unmatched feel with an internal stretch bootie that envelops your foot. This unique feature moves and expands harmoniously with your stride, providing a plush sensation that complements your movements seamlessly. The engineered mesh upper, coupled with 3D Fit Print technology, adds an extra layer of precision to the fit, ensuring your comfort is prioritized.
  • Enjoy seamless transitions from heel to toe with the DNA LOFT transition zone. This technology guarantees that every movement is met with extraordinary softness and fluidity, giving you a running experience like no other.
  • Whether you’re hitting the pavement or the trail, these shoes are tailor-made for your comfort and style. Elevate your running journey with a perfect blend of cushioning, fit, and aesthetics that redefine what running shoes can be.
  • The shoe looks like a comfy slipper, but it’s actually a neutral-width shoe with lots of heel cushion and a plush feel; however, it won’t be suitable for high-arched runners.

5. Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 Running Shoe

Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 Running Shoe
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  • Elevate your running game with the Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 Running Shoe, an exceptional choice for heavy runners seeking both comfort and durability. Designed to cater to your needs, these shoes come in a regular fit, ensuring a comfortable yet secure feel for your feet. Weighing 8.2 ounces (size 7), they strike the perfect balance between lightweight agility and substantial support. With a midsole drop of 9.5 mm (heel: 23.5 mm / forefoot: 14 mm), these shoes provide a harmonious blend of cushioning and responsiveness that’s ideal for heavy runners.
  • No matter the arch type, the Duramo 9 is versatile enough to accommodate it. It’s recommended for multisport training, making it an excellent companion for a range of activities. The mesh upper guarantees breathability, keeping your feet cool and comfortable during intense workouts.
  • When it comes to durability, the Adiwear outsole takes center stage. Built for high-wear endurance, this outsole ensures that your shoes are prepared to withstand the demands of heavy running. Additionally, the Cloudfoam midsole delivers unparalleled step-in comfort and cushioning, providing a soft and supportive foundation for your runs.
  • To further enhance your experience, the OrthoLite sockliner offers both comfort and performance. Slip into these shoes and enjoy the luxury of premium cushioning underfoot, allowing you to tackle long distances and challenging terrain with confidence.
  • For heavy runners in search of a shoe that delivers comfort, support, and durability, the Adidas Men’s Duramo 9 Running Shoe stands as a steadfast choice. Experience the blend of advanced technology and thoughtful design that makes each step a pleasure, while ensuring your shoes can keep up with your active lifestyle.
  • There are three great features of the Adidas Adiwear outsole technology. By combining these three great features, Adidas has created its ultimate running shoe.
  • This shoe is made of 10 ounces of plastic and rubber to provide flexibility and a sturdy grip.
  • It also has a durable CloudFoam midsole and a Mesh upper for added support and breathability.
  • The fit isn’t very tight.

6. Asics Gel Venture 5 Running Shoe

 Asics Gel Venture 5 Running Shoe
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  • The ASICS Gel-Venture 7 accompanies ASICS licensed GEL innovation and an EVA padded sole. This shoe is primarily for people who love nature. It is intended for both prepared sprinters and amateurs. Venture 7 conveys a set-up of upgrades contrasted with past forms.
  • Basically, the solace of the shoe implies that you can log a genuine number of miles in these. These shoes additionally gave us that additional piece of solace that those of us on the heavier side need.
  • GEL innovation in the back of the shoe gives shock ingestion where you want it most, while the ORTHOLITE sockliner gives an extra layer of padding underneath. Like every past variant, the Venture 7 is consistent with size, so you don’t need to stress over purchasing a size too large or too small to fit. ASICS even claims that it molds to the state of your feet over the long run.
  • The outsole is built out of Asics High Abrasion Rubber, or AHAR for short, which is an elastic compound produced using sturdy and enduring parts. Contrasted with the regular elastic, AHAR is two times as intense, in this manner guaranteeing the scraped area opposition and hold that a sprinter needs.
  • Generally speaking, the shoe’s solace level, reasonableness, and design are its most grounded highlights. Be that as it may, the sturdiness, especially of a few upper components, has raised doubt.
  • Cushioned wave plates help with even weight distribution.
  • Upper mesh for ventilation.
  • midsole offers ample heel cushioning.
  • Cloudwave technology provide excellent padding
  • Size tends to run tight.

7. Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoe
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  • The Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running shoes highlight a forceful hold with exact traction and are great for sprinters who need to handle those delicate, specialized trails. The Speedcross 5 purposes what is known as Contagrip® TA, an elastic compound that safeguards the remainder of the underneath stage from mileage.
  • Dominate the trails with confidence in the Salomon Speedcross 5 trail running shoes. Crafted to tackle even the most challenging terrains, these shoes are a must-have for runners seeking an edge. Engineered for precision, the aggressive grip, and steadfast foothold of the Speedcross 5 provide the ultimate advantage on soft and technical trails. Redesigned with deep, sharp lugs, the grip is enhanced for better traction, ensuring you’re unfazed by wet and muddy conditions.
  • Experience a new level of fit and stability with the dynamic upper, offering impeccable support. The Speedcross 5 embraces the rough and embraces adventure, making it the perfect companion for fearless trail runners who crave a thrilling challenge. From navigating your local trails to embarking on rugged escapades, Salomon has you covered with their versatile footwear.
  • Salomon’s commitment to excellence extends across all terrains – whether you’re pounding the pavement in your neighborhood, exploring local trails, or venturing into more demanding landscapes. The Speedcross 5 guarantees a smooth ride, no matter where your journey takes you.
  • Unleash your sense of play with Salomon’s range of shoes and gear. Whether you’re a trail runner, hiker, backpacker, or mountaineer, Salomon offers a comprehensive collection for kids, men, and women. These tools are designed to empower you to conquer new distances, set personal records, and triumph in every event. Elevate your outdoor experience with Salomon and step into a world of adventure and achievement.
  • Very much padded Can be utilized on numerous territories
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Costly.

8. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

 Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe
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  • Introducing the Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe, a symbol of innovation and performance. Crafted for runners who demand excellence, this shoe is a testament to Nike’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of athletic footwear.
  • Designed to elevate your running experience, the Air Zoom Pegasus 34 showcases a blend of comfort, responsiveness, and style. With a focus on cushioning, the shoe incorporates Nike’s signature Air Zoom technology, providing a plush and supportive feel with every stride. This technology not only absorbs impact but also propels you forward, enhancing your overall speed and efficiency.
  • The shoe’s versatile design caters to both casual joggers and dedicated athletes alike. Whether you’re tackling a quick morning run or training for a marathon, the Air Zoom Pegasus 34 offers the perfect balance of comfort and performance. Its lightweight construction ensures you stay nimble and agile, while the supportive fit keeps your feet secure during your entire run.
  • Step into a world of sleek aesthetics and cutting-edge technology with the Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe. Embrace the legacy of excellence that Nike brings to every product, and embark on your running journey with the confidence that comes from wearing a true icon of sportswear innovation.
  • Flywire padded sole secures in the foot.
  • An inflexible heel counter adds heel support and forestalls heel slip.
  • The dark elastic sole wears well and gives incredible foothold.
  • Not really wide in the toe region.

How To Choose Heavy Runner Shoes for Men

Tips For Heavy-Weight Runners

Features to consider before buying comfortable heavy runners shoes for men

Shock Absorbance

Sadly, this is the most compelling thing you’ll need to manage. Padding normally packs over the long run, and the heavier you are, the quicker it packs, inside each run, and over the long haul. The padding will lose its return and energy return, leaving you with a lazy, slow run and awkward joints. but picking a shoe with real padding isn’t really the response.

Padding and shock absorbance isn’t exactly the same thing

Super-delicate or rich padding might feel sumptuous when you initially put on the shoe, however, it might likewise be less steady and liable to pack quicker, leaving you with an unsupportive and unpadded shoe. Going with somewhat firmer padding that emphasizes shock absorbance and strength instead of a delicate, comfortable feel will be much better for heavier sprinters over the long haul. Similarly, if you’re a heel striker, you’ll need more padding in the heel than lighter sprinters.


Many individuals will more often than not imagine that heavier sprinters are naturally going to require stable shoes. Yet, this isn’t generally the situation. Furthermore, truth be told, in the event that you have an ordinary or high curve, or tend towards supination, even the best security shoes might compound the situation, constraining you to move onto the external edge of your foot.

Security is significant, yet dependability should be given all through the shoe, not simply in that frame of mind of a strong average post, as for the situation with the best running shoes for level feet. Soundness additionally comes from great quality padding all through the padded sole and a wide and stable sole. Along these lines, it pays to know your curve type and what sort of help you really need. Contingent upon your foot type, a nonpartisan shoe might be a preferred choice over a security shoe.


Frequently a heavier sprinter will have a more extensive foot. A few of the shoes explored above come in wide widths, a few shoes run wide, some run restricted, and some have more space in the toe or midfoot. It assists with knowing the state of your foot and where you value the additional room. Be that as it may, by and large, going for a wide measuring choice will offer additional soundness, solace, and room in the toe box for a solid measure of toe spread.

Image Running Infographic
Benefit of running


So, the most important thing you should understand about the best-cushioned running shoes for heavy runners is that not all cushioning is made equal, and not all stability shoes are ideal for heavy runners. So pick the best style on this list for your body and your running. What do you think? I hope you will find the shoe you will wear all the time.


What should I look for in a heavy runner shoe?

  • Look for a shoe with sturdy and durable construction, good arch support, and a cushioned sole for added comfort.

Are there any heavy runner shoes specifically designed for men?

  • Yes, there are many heavy runner shoes that are specifically designed for men, with a focus on providing support and stability for the male foot.

Can heavy runner shoes help with plantar fasciitis?

  • Yes, shoes with good arch support and a cushioned sole can help alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

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