6 The Best Most Comfortable Wide Feet Walking Shoes For Women 2023

3 women wearing wide feet walking shoes wearing black and red exercise dresses chatting and walking happily
3 women wearing wide feet walking shoes wearing black and red exercise dresses chatting and walking happily

Are you a woman with wide feet, and looking for wide feet walking shoes? When you go to any store and you ask for the best comfortable walking shoes, before asking for shoes, you should know a few things about your feet, and then you ask or look for the best walking shoes for your wide feet.

You should know one thing people are born with different types of feet some are flat-footed some are narrow or small-footed some are normal footed and some of them are wide-footed persons. 

Some people especially women’s foot condition changes sometimes due to pregnancy with age or weight gain, the reason for these changes especially in women their hips as compared to men’s are wider so they have more tendency of wide feet as compared to men.

We will review the 6 best most comfortable wide-feet walking shoes for women.

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4
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The Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 is an absolute game-changer in the world of walking shoes. Crafted with 100% mesh fabric, these shoes are incredibly lightweight, making each step feel effortless. The stabilizing heel fabric overlay panels and the side S-logo add a touch of style while providing the necessary support during walks.

The standout feature lies in the innovative 5GEN midsole cushioning, which offers exceptional responsiveness and comfort, absorbing impact with ease. Complementing this is the new Goga Max high rebound footbed that infuses each stride with a burst of energy, ensuring a lively and enjoyable walking experience. The soft mesh upper and virtually seamless construction delivers a comfortable fit that wraps around the foot like a glove.

Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll or tackling longer walks, the Go Walk 4 excels in both performance and style, making it an outstanding choice for anyone seeking the perfect blend of comfort and functionality in a walking shoe.

  • Come in a variety of colors and designs
  • Breathable
  • Offers great traction
  • Absorbs shock well
  • Lightweight
  • Run narrow
  • Some find the cushioning takes some “breaking in” before it softens up
  • Some users do not like that this shoe has no tongue

Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Suede Sandal

Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Suede Sandal
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There are always some people who are looking for shoes or sandals that should be open and comfortable due to the wideness of their feet. So Birkenstock is one of the brands for women with wide feet who don’t feel comfortable wearing close shoes, the Birkenstock sandals are the best choice for them because they’re not only comfortable but also easy to adjust on their feet.

This Birkenstock has a soft bed which means every step will be very soft and comfortable, the best thing about this Birkenstock model of sandal its automatically shaped means if you have wide feet so will provide that much space and will adjust according to your feet width.

It has a surface and lining made of suede material. The best part about the sandals is that they have a very soft footbed. This sandal has a contoured cork footbed, which provides arch support for your feet. It also has an extra layer of soft foam, which means this sandal will keep your feet very comfortable and soft.

This Birkenstock sandal comes with a roomy toe box, so if you have a big toe, you do not need to worry; it has enough room to adjust easily, and a deep heel cup will keep your feet soft with every step.

This sandal has a strap and adjustable metal pin buckles if you have wide feet, so you can easily adjust the width of a sandal according to your foot’s width. Overall, this is the best choice for women looking for footwear with wide feet.

  • Dependable traction and stability.
  • Elegant design means they go well with any outfit.
  • Provides stylish comfort.
  • Great alternative to closed walking shoes.
  • Provides relief for heel pain.
  • A break-in period is required before you can wear them for extended periods.
  • Limited color choices.
  • Some users report that the arch support tends to be too firm for comfort

WHITIN Women’s Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers

WHITIN Women's Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers
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WHITIN Women’s Minimalist Barefoot sneakers will be a good choice for you if you are a sneaker lover. This shoe has a rubber sole and this model is easily available in extended width with lace-up closure for a custom fit. If you have wide feet so these sneakers are more suitable for you.

Its upper is made of knit material, and this sneaker has built-in arch support that keeps your feet stable and comfortable. One of the best features of the shoes is zero drop shoes that help to keep your feet posture and balance stable while walking. This model of the sneaker has a slip resistance feature and traction that keeps your feet from slipping.

Why this shoe is good for your wide feet because the shoes have a wider toe box that keeps your feet comfortable and easy to wiggle freely so you won’t feel any pressure while walking.

These minimalist sneakers with lace-up closures are very easy to adjust, allowing you to tailor the shoes to your foot width, making them ideal for wide feet.

  • You will stay comfortable in these shoes if you have to walk or stand all day
  • Many users have found these to actually heal their foot problems
  • You can test these shoes for 60 days to make sure you like them and return them if you’re not satisfied
  • Available in extended widths, up to extra-extra-wide
  • The ¼” thick insoles are removable for those who have custom orthotics
  • Designed with an unprecedented Ortho-Cushion system, and engineered with proprietary comfort features
  • These shoes offer function over fashion
  • Expensive
  • Last about a year with frequent wear

Youyun Women’s Wide Diabetic Walking Shoes

Youyun Women's Wide Diabetic Walking Shoes
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If you are an elderly woman with wide feet, this model of shoes is designed especially for you. This shoe is nonslip and simple to put on and take off. The shoes’ anti-slip feature increases friction, which provides a firm grip on the ground and keeps your steps stable.

This model has adjustable velcro, which means if you have wide feet, it’s a more suitable option for you. The toe of the shoes is widened and thickened, so they are best if you have a big toe. The instep upper of shoes can be extended to your toe position, which will make your feet more stable and comfortable while walking.

The shoe body is very soft and bent, and it has durability. The upper material of shoes is made of a flying weave, and the heel of shoes is filled with stretch cotton that helps your ankle fit in shoes comfortably; this will not only stabilize your feet but also improve your feet’ support while walking.

The shoes have breathable fabrics on the inside that will keep refreshing your feet every time, so it is not easy to sweat, which means there will be no odor. This is a good choice if you have wide feet and have pain or swollen feet, so these shoes will be one of the best choices for your feet.

  • Has plenty of room for thicker socks.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Has a high toe box.
  • Doesn’t come in half sizes.
  • Some find these shoes do not provide enough joint support

SAS Tour Lace Up Shoes

SAS Tour Lace Up Shoes
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SAS makes quality shoes with very good support. These brands offer a wide range of extra-wide feet shoes for traveling. If you have wide feet and you walk long daily or hiking and need the best shoes for your wide feet then you must consider this brand of shoes.

This model of shoes is approved for people who have diabetes and swollen or wide feet. The uppers of the shoes are made of premium leather. It has a cushioned tongue and collar that help it fit your feet. Shoes come with a lace-up closure that can help adjust your feet. This model has a breathable soft textile lining that will keep your feet fresh, dry, and cool.

This shoe comes with shock-absorbing and is very lightweight and flexible which will keep your feet more comfortable. The midsole of the shoes provides stability to your feet with every step.

  • Lightweight and breezy, helping your feet stay cool
  • Flexibility conforms to your feet
  • Machine washable
  • Have a low carbon footprint
  • Made of soft material that will not give blisters
  • Run a bit large
  • Will not hold up on rugged terrain

CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Hart Hidden Wedge Sneaker 

CUSHIONAIRE Women's Hart Hidden Wedge Sneaker 
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This model of shoes has a very stylish look; its upper is made of soft vegan suede material, and it comes with a double zipper function, which makes it easy to put on and take off. The best part is that it has an insole made of memory foam that makes it more comfortable for walking and daily use. It is easily available in wide and extra-wide foot sizes.

The outsole of the shoes is long-lasting and very solid that helping your feet keep stable while walking. So overall these shoes are very comfortable and have a very good look and style, so if you have wide feet and you looking for some stylish design shoes for your wide feet then this cushion is the best choice for you.

  • The cushioning capacity of these shoes is superior to all others
  • Each step absorbs shock and returns energy to the foot
  • Many love wearing these shoes to work
  • These shoes come in a variety of colors and runners appreciate how the colors schemes catch attention
  • The upper is very breathable–in fact–more breathable than previous versions
  • The tongue may uncomfortably rub against the instep
  • The underfoot is slightly stiff

Tips on How To Choose Wide Feet Walking Shoes For Women 

Chart for how to choose shoes for women wide feet
Chart for how to choose shoes for women’s wide feet

Feet Measurement

Chart that how to measure shoe size
The chart on how to measure shoe size

Before buying any shoes you must know about your feet if you don’t know you must measure your feet properly because if you have wide feet then you must be aware of it, that you need shoes with extra width.

The length of your feet remains normal, but the width of your feet differs from others, so you must measure both length and width before selecting walking shoes for yourself.

Try The Shoes Properly

When you pick the shoes, try those shoes properly and walk around for a while until you have some idea whether these shoes are comfortable for you or not. After wearing it if you don’t feel comfortable or feel some pain and too much tightness then go for a little bit bigger or wider size because any wrong selection could put you in trouble and your feet too, which could cause your feet any injury.

Never Pick Shoes With a Pointed Toe

Since you have wide feet and you need shoes for walking then it’s advised to avoid buying any shoes that have pointed toes. As your feet are already wide so you need shoes that keep your feet comfortable while walking, if you buy pointed shoes it will give you trouble and you will always feel discomfort while walking and could hurt your toe too badly.

Choose Shoes With Removable Linings And Insoles

Always choose shoes that should be flexible so that you can put any insole inside, this way if you feel some discomfort you can use insoles that can keep your feet comfortable while walking. It will help to keep your wide feet more comfortable.

Choose Only Wide Feet Feature Shoes

Since you are looking for walking shoes and you have wide feet, make sure to choose shoes that are designed only for wide feet. Before buying shoes, check that they should have a soft upper with a wider sole.

Those shoes must be an insole that should absorb the shock and stress while walking and keep your wide feet comfortable and don’t put much pressure on your knees.

How to choose Women’s shoes for wide feet


Choosing women walking shoes for wide feet is always tricky because you focus not only on size but also on look and style as well. So remember one thing: never compromise on the comfort of your feet, and don’t go for shoes that give you trouble and can hurt your feet badly. So choose shoes that should be suitable for your wide feet. Those shoes should be stretchable and wide in size, which fits your feet and keeps them relaxed and comfortable while walking.

It’s better to get some suggestions from an expert before choosing walking shoes for your wide feet, or you should have so much knowledge about your wide feet that you can choose the right walking shoes for your wide feet.


How do I know if I have wide feet and need a wide shoe size?

While you can discuss the need for wide shoes because of the width of your feet, consider the different widths and lengths of feet when choosing a wide shoe. It’s not simply a matter of whether your foot is wide or not. It should also account for other variables such as both the length of your feet and if you are a man or a woman.

How I can pick a wide-footed shoe?

Put “drop the fried dough, recycle the paper plate” in place of “shop later in the day.” The same idea gets a little more creative, using conjunctions to join the ideas
Consider Your Sock Selection Wear them to the store and plan to buy a new pair before hitting the mats.

Bring your orthotics…

Stick both feet….

Make a visual comparison…

Try the findings.

What are the benefits if you have wide feet?

When you’re on the treadmill and you have room to expand your feet, it’s like having your own built-in set of flippers! It has to do with the larger size of your toes. Balance may be more polished up on uneven terrain.

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