5 Best Walking Shoes For Men With Flat Feet

5 Best Walking Shoes For Men With Flat Feet
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Are you looking for walking shoes that best for your flat feet? But you don’t know how to find the best shoes that best fit your flat feet. You tried different kinds of shoes but not getting comfortable shoes that are best suitable for your flat feet that can give you comfort while walking.

We will discuss and review the best walking shoes that are suitable for your flat feet and will keep your feet relaxed and comfortable.

Before going to review walking shoes for flat feet, you should know about what is the flat feet and how it will give you pain if you will not wear proper shoes that designed for flat feet only.

If you have flat feet and aged 21 years so you are amongst those 18 million US citizens who have flat feet other than this 4 percent of people have fallen arches issue. Due to these two reasons you always feel pain while walking in the shoes which are not suitable for flat feet or there is no proper support for your flat feet or fallen arches in those shoes.

There Are Different Kinds Of Flat Feet, Will Discuss Here

There are two kinds of flat feet, some people have flat feet by birth like completely flat and some people don’t have fully flat feet but have fallen arches which happen because of muscle weakness.

If you have flat feet due to only fallen arches you can easily overcome this problem by adding arch support in your shoes like insoles which have proper arch support it will help you to get stronger your muscles and will support your feet muscles.

If you have full flat feet by then using only arch support will put stress up into your knee where it can give you knee problems. So before buying shoes for your flat feet you should know what are the reasons for your flat feet.

There are many other reasons for flat feet like Arthritis Diseases, Genetic problems, so these are all you should know before buying walking shoes for flat feet.

Buying Guidelines For Choosing The Best Shoes For Your Flat Feet

Before buying any shoes for your flat feet you must know which buying guidelines you should follow for choosing the best walking shoes for your flat feet.

Shoe Measurement

According to research a large number of people either wear the wrong sizes of shoes or they wear the same one specific size of shoes which they buy every year. Since they don’t have an idea about changing in their feet shape that costs them foot disorders and pain. Always make sure that you properly measured your feet length, width, and arch length of your feet before going to buy any shoes for your flat feet.

Size Differences in Shoes

When you go to buy Walking shoe for your flat feet you should know one thing that there is a big difference in shoe sizes of companies. Every company uses different sizes, like the size of 9 of Skechers shoes will not be the same fit size of 9 of New Balance shoes. So Whenever you want to buy shoes for your flat feet, wear proper shoes, and make sure you get the proper fit and correct size shoes for your flat feet.

One Foot Larger Than Other Foot In Size

Some people have an issue that their one foot is a little larger than the other foot and they face problems while choosing the accurate size of shoes for their flat feet.

So if you have the same issue make sure you check the shoe properly that it’s fit in your feet properly, if in case you go for a little bit of a big size due to one large foot then you can use an insole in another foot shoes to make it balance.

Arch Support Built-In Shoes

While choosing walking shoes for your flat feet avoid buying shoes with flat soles, always choose the shoes that have arch support built into the sole of the shoe.

Foot Stability

Since flat foot people are injury-prone if you will not use a shoe which has support for your flat feet then you should be ready for some serious injuries in your feet while walking. Always make sure and go for shoes that have proper foot stability and support in the shoe which will keep your flat feet comfortable while jogging and walking.

Room For Your Toes

While choosing the shoes always go for the shoes that have a proper design with enough room for your toes. The shoes with a proper room for the toes will reduce the pressure on the front side of your flat foot and will keep it comfier while walking or running.


Always choose durable shoes. Never choose low quality or low durable shoes especially when you have flat feet, so always buy the best durable shoes which you can easily afford. It will avoid you buying shoes every month.

Review of the Best Walking Shoes For Men With Flat Feet

Orthofeet Shoes For Flat Feet

Ortho feet shoe for flat feet
Ortho feet shoe for flat feet

This brand of shoes is the best for your flat feet and I kept on top because of its features.
These shoes come with premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support that will prevent your foot from rolling inward while walking.

It will improve your foot function and will stable your foot while walking.
The feature of a firm heel counter which comes with a wide sole will increase the stability and will help your feet prevent overpronation.

Ergonomic sole the sole which helps the foot to reduce pressure on the heel and avoid shocks on the entire body, this feature comes with a mild rocker design make your steps soft and increase the comfortability

Orthofeet shoes biomechanical features make it the best choice for the people suffering from flat foot pain or overpronation pain. These special features make these shoes best among all.

This is one of the most upgraded shoes designed especially for the flat foot, that makes your steps pain free.

Shoes having extra room for toe motion which keeps your feet more comfortable

The shoe has a lightweight sole.

There is gel padding under the shoe’s heel, which help reduce pressure under the heel while walking

Shoes are expensive as compare to other competitors.

Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker

Ascis Mens Gel Tech Walker

The best feature of the shoes that have arch support which is the first need for the people suffering from the pain of flat feet.

Shoes have a breathable upper which makes it cool if you are walking in hot weather even though it will keep your feet dry and comfortable too.

These shoes have a feature of a medial window which keeps your bunion relaxed and doesn’t put pressure on it while walking.

Gel cushioning feature make your step more comfortable.

Lightweight shoes that are ideal for walking, shoes have proper padding support for the entire foot which keeps feet comfortable while walking.

Durable shoes so you can use it for a long time.

The inner sole of the shoe is made from meshing fabric and it has a removable sock linear structure inside the shoes, which helps feet keep dry while walking.

A fatigue-resistant insole in the shoes that keep your feet more comfortable and keep your step relaxed while walking.

Shoes having narrow toe box which might not fit for people with bigger toes so they can go for a wide feet size option.

The laces are off-center of shoes

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walking Shoes

Brooks Men Addiction Walking Shoes
Brooks Men Addiction Walking Shoes

This shoe is one of the best for flat feet, it’s durable, supportive, and well-cushioned which keeps your feet comfortable while walking and make it one of the favorite people having problems with flat feet.

These shoes having the best feature which makes it best for flat foot people, it is a progressive diagonal Rollbar within the shoe arch section. This roll bar feature provides exceptional arch support and controlling progressive pronation, due to that it will reduce the stress while walking and will help you to prevent your body from any injuries like hips, back, knees and ankles.

This shoe has a feature called hydro flow technology with an active fluid cushioning system around the forefoot and heel section of the shoes. This feature helps feet to absorb the shock while walking and it also improves the midsole cushioning of the shoes which make it more comfortable for walking.

The shoe has amazing stability and support which makes it best for walking or all-day standing if you have flat feet so these shoes are one of the best choices for you

Saucony Guide 10 Best Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

Saucony Guide 10
Saucony Guide 10

This brand name is one of the renowned names for flat foot shoes. They designed the shoes for the people who have flat feet. These shoes are best for flat feet. It has an upper mesh and TRI-FLEX sole feature.

In the shoe shaft measure feature always more or less from the low top, which makes it one of the best shoes for flat foot these shoes come with the Everun Topsole feature that provides your feet continuous cushioning which is best if you have flat feet, it keeps your feet relaxed and comfortable.

One of the best features of these shoes is cushioning which is distributed equally between the forefoot and heel in these shoes with an 8mm offset which ensures that your feet should remain balanced, stable, and comfortable with your every footstep.

Purpose of the Everun feature of the shoes is the cushion for agility and responsive which help your feet for a smoother landing and a solid takeoff, this feature makes it one of the best shoes choice for men with flat feet

Tri-Flex features in the shoes increase the force dispersion over a hard surface area by this means it reduces the pressure on your heel while walking, It also provides optimal flexibility and traction while walking.

Propét Men’s Stability Walker Sneaker

Propét Men’s Stability Walker Sneaker
Propét Men’s Stability Walker Sneaker

One of the best comfortable walking shoes especially for flat feet. This shoe has a wider forefoot and heel base that provides your feet ample room while walking. The best part while walking in these shoes is that it will increase the stability of the shoes.

This shoe has a thick rubber sole which reduces the impact and doesn’t put pressure on your joints while walking. Whenever you buy these shoes it’s advised to buy half size larger than the size you use normally because of its size normally smaller as compared to other brand shoes

These shoes are made of pure 100% leather that provides your feet with proper stability. People have flat feet and walk daily or standing all day, this model of shoes is the best choice for them. These shoes have enough cushioning inside which keeps your feet comfortable for an all-day walk and stand.

One of the best features which make it ideal for people with flat feet is the heel pad and PU insole in the shoes that cushioned ridges, best shoes for men with flat feet.
These shoes are not much stylish and a little bit bulky.


We did a review after selecting 5 best options which are more suitable for men who have flat feet. These review base on research and customer feedback after using these all model of shoes for flat feet.

It’s always advice before buying any shoes should consider the buying guideline of the shoes which is very important that you should have proper idea about your feet and if you still facing any confusing while selecting any shoes must consult with an expert before buying any shoes for your flat feet

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