10 The Best Walking Shoes For Learn To Walk Toddler Girls 2023

A baby girl trying to learn walking holding her parents' fingers and wearing walking shoes
A baby girl trying to learn walking holding her parents’ fingers and wearing walking shoes

Adorable Shoes for learn to walk Toddler Girls! Step into Style & Confidence. Explore Our Collection Now. Supportive & Cute. Sizes for Every Little Explorer. It’s difficult to see your kids stand and take their first steps and learn to walk, especially if you’re not sure if they’ll fall or not. When a baby moves from crawling to pulling himself up, it’s an exciting time for a mother.

The first steps are crucial because they give you the clearest indication that your child is ready to learn to walk. While they may walk barefoot on flat surfaces indoors, this is not always the case when they are taken out of the house.

The best walking shoes for babies to learn to walk come in handy here. Shoes are vital not just for sanitary reasons, but also for outdoor safety. No child is born capable of walking barefoot on any surface; therefore, wearing shoes to walk becomes essential.

Almost every parent will tell you that moment their child learns to walk, their entire world is turned upside down. It’s one of the most important milestones in your child’s life, and as they start toddling around, keeping up with them can be difficult.

Although it’s stylish and exciting to outfit your baby in matching outfits and shoes from the start, you won’t need to select the best walking shoes for your child until they begin walking. Because their tiny feet haven’t fully formed yet, learning to grip the floor and coordinate their steps with little or no support can aid with balance and coordination.

When your child has mastered the skill of balancing and you are ready to take a walk outside, the next step is to shop for your baby’s first walking shoes. Every parent’s first objective should be to make the walking experience safe but also interesting.

The greatest baby learns to walk shoes should safeguard your child’s feet from any rough or dangerous terrain they may encounter outside. Babies do not require shoes until they can walk.

baby girls learning to walk first step
A portrait of baby girls learning to walk the first step

Heel test

The ideal fit is both comfortable and snug. The heel of the shoe should be completely aligned with the back of the shoe. If the heel pinches, the shoe is too small, whereas a heel that slides out easily indicates that the shoe is too large. Insert your pinkie into the heel of the best baby walking shoes to check the fit; it should just squeeze in when the baby’s toes are pushed to the front of the shoe.

The best walking shoes for newborns should be snug, which means they won’t slip around too much, especially if your baby is still learning to walk. Keep an eye out for any red spots when you remove the shoe; if you find any, it signifies the shoe is too tight.

Avoids Things While Buying Baby Learn to Walk shoes

• Choose something comfortable for your baby’s first walking shoes, as this is the most vital factor to consider. If your youngster is limping or toppling over, the shoe may be unpleasant. After all, a tiny baby can’t tell you if their shoes are too big or too small, so you’ll have to rely on observation.

• Don’t buy used baby walking shoes because they’ve most likely conformed to the original owner’s feet. Wearing hand-me-down shoes might be damaging to a baby’s foot development. When it comes to choosing a baby’s first walking shoes, form and fit are important, yet each child’s feet are unique.

• Choose a first infant walking shoe with laces, snaps, or Velcro that is ankle-cut or high-top. Low-cut or slip-on shoes are easy for your energetic toddler to kick off or remove. You’ll want to look for nice baby walking shoes that are easy to put on but difficult to take off, not only for your own sanity’s sake but also for the safety of your youngster, who could trip over loose shoes.

Shop later in the day, when the baby’s feet have swelled the most. Baby walking shoes purchased in the morning had a tighter fit later in the evening, according to parents.

how to choose walking shoes for learning to walk toddler girls


Another item to keep an eye out for is padding. Both boys and girls should have enough padding around their ankles. Inadequate padding might lead to rashes, which can irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Another item to consider is the flexibility of your sole and whether or not it bends readily. Because your baby’s foot sole will be the foundation for their walking, you must make sure it’s flat.

You should also look for adequate grooves on the sole to ensure a decent grip. If there are more grooves, your baby’s grasp will improve. They’ll also be less likely to slide.


A larger front lets the toes spread out and expand. It’s also roomy enough for larger feet.


  how to measure baby girl Shoe Sizes
Picture of how to measure baby girl Shoe Sizes

Always consult the manufacturer’s size guide before purchasing, as they may differ from one manufacturer to the next. In the first year of life, your baby’s feet will grow quickly. Make sure you keep an eye on your infant to make sure they don’t outgrow their first pair.


Children’s feet sweat twice as much as adults’, thus breathable shoes should be a top consideration! Natural materials like leather and cotton should not cause any pain to your child. Slips can be avoided by wearing shoes with a rubber composite sole. A thicker sole is excellent for more experienced walkers because it is more durable. New walkers, on the other hand, may trip if they are not careful.

The foot can move freely thanks to the flexible, thinner sole. Until your child is old enough to tie their shoes, Velcro is your best buddy. It’s simple to use for kids and provides additional upper-body flexibility for those with narrow feet. Find a soft leather or cloth-topped first walking shoe for your youngster that allows airflow for his or her sweaty little toes. The growth and development of a baby’s feet are hampered by stiff materials.


It can be exciting for babies who are just learning to walk. If your infant wants to go everywhere, don’t be surprised. Padding’s importance and advantages have already been discussed. An additional layer of insulation may be added to keep your baby’s feet warm. To avoid pain, a ventilated shoe is essential. Mesh textiles that allow your kid to breathe and be continually surrounded by fresh air are ideal.


Colors that are bright and sweet appeal to young children. They also enjoy wearing shoes with cute animated cartoons on them. Choose the ideal color palette for your child depending on their gender, matching outfits, personal preferences, and more. Butterflies and flowers are two of their favorite things. Perhaps all they need is a new pair of shoes to improve their walking technique.

Your first objective should be to find out what they enjoy and dislike. Pinch the top of the baby’s walking shoes while it’s on; if you can’t grip any material, the shoe is probably too tight. Flexible fabrics simulate a baby’s bare feet, allowing for natural walking movements.


This keeps you from sliding or slipping. Baby’s first shoes should include grooves on the bottom to assist your child in learning to walk. Rubber is found in several hard-soled baby learn-to-walk shoes.


Spending a lot of money on pricey, sophisticated shoes for your toddler or newborn may not be worth it. Choose something durable, well-made, satisfying all of the specifications, and isn’t too expensive. Keep in mind that the cost of infant shoes varies based on size. As a result, make sure to shop around.

10 The Best Walking Shoes For Learn To Walk Toddler Girls Review

1.Pediped Jake Original

Pediped Jake Original
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They may just weigh two ounces each, but don’t be deceived by their delicate appearance! The adorable sneakers are the perfect pre-walker. They have a soft leather inner, a cushioned footbed, and genuine leather upper with a contrast stitch in a charming eyelet design to keep growing feet tight and comfortable. Your little racer will not be slipping on her feet anytime soon thanks to the diamond pattern on the leather outsole. They’re the perfect go-to for any event because they can be dressed up or down.

These baby shoes are made of premium-grade leather, and the brand’s footwear system allows you to choose shoes designed for the first steps, next steps, and big steps. These Pediped shoes have sizing as low as 0-6 months, which means they can serve as a great pair of pre-walker baby shoes, too.

  • Soft sole
  • Easy to walk in
  • Cute design
  • Leather shows wear and tear
  • Hook and loop fastener could be more secure

2. Robeez George Shoe First Kicks

Robeez George Shoe First Kicks
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These First Kicks have a cushioned insole and a soft suede bottom for infants and toddlers who are just starting to put their weight on their feet. They’re designed to get them used to wearing shoes before making the major leap to a pair with rubber bottoms. These have a soft, elastic band in the back that not only makes them easy to put on and take off but also holds them in place so they don’t slip off when your little one starts cruising.

They remind us of a nice, cute pair of espadrilles, which we adore. Robeez brand shoes are one of the best learn-to-walk shoes for babies. The Robeez brand offers a variety of infant shoes with smooth walking soles that encourage natural foot function. They’re flexible and supportive of healthy foot growth for early walkers and newborns starting to walk, and they’re made of high-quality, soft leather.

  • Soft leather
  • Good grip
  • Flexible sole
  • Can wear out fast, especially around the toes
  • Could be available in more sizes
  • Can be hard to figure out the right size

3. BMCiTYBM Breathable Mesh Sneakers

BMCiTYBM Breathable Mesh Sneakers
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These beautiful shoes are some of our favorites, with a toe cap for added protection and non-slip rubber soles with tiny sensory pods to prevent slips and help the baby keep balance. They’re available in a variety of attractive color combinations for both boys and girls, are incredibly lightweight, and have memory foam footbeds so your little one can play all day without feeling uncomfortable.

They’re also quick to put on and take off thanks to a hook-and-loop fastening. Moms love the mesh fabric overlay, which is ideal for kids whose feet sweat a lot. It keeps their little toes cool and dry as they play, hop, and walk their hearts out.

  • Comfort
  • Stylish look
  • Easy to put on
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Could come in a wider version
  • Could be more colors to choose from
  • Could be more affordable

4. Buster Brown Baby Walking Shoes

 Buster Brown Baby Walking Shoes
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Traditional Buster Brown baby walking shoes are built to survive an entire year with even the most active child. The brand’s first baby boy learn-to-walk shoes were built to last, and they were quickly followed by the classic Mary Jane baby girl walking shoes. Although the famous Buster Brown baby learn to Walk shoe is no longer available from the Brown Shoe Company, there are lots of other rough-and-tough walking shoes for newborns that can survive the wear and tear of relentless activity.

  • Price
  • Cute Design
  • Light weight
  • The white sole gets dirty easily
  • Could be waterproof
  • More color choices would be great

5. Stride Rite soft motion Mary Jane

Stride Rite soft motion Mary Jane
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These adorable baby girl walking shoes will elevate your little one’s style. They also have flexible, rounded soles and adjustable straps, as do most of the best learn-to-walk shoes. An antibacterial lining keeps stinky feet and sweaty toes away from this pair. Stride Rite is another APMA-approved brand, and it’s a traditional choice with a long history of producing some of the finest baby walking shoes, the best 1-year-old shoes, and the best toddler shoes on the market. The brand’s website has a vast assortment of infant shoes as well as a sizing guide that can be downloaded.

  • Stylish & Fun Stability
  • Adorable
  • Quality and affordable shoe
  • Cute, sturdy and comfortable
  • Come in many colors

6. TSUKIHOSHI Girl’s Racer

 TSUKIHOSHI Girl's Racer
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These shoes are not only gorgeous but they’re also made to support a baby’s foot while allowing muscle and balance development. The shoes have a large toe box that allows for natural toe splaying and a lightweight, shock-absorbing, and slip-resistant rubber outsole that ensures your child’s safety and comfort. They’re easy to put on and take off thanks to a wide hook and loop fastening and elastic laces. If your child requires specific child orthotics, the shoes’ removable insoles can accommodate them.

They come in sizes 3 to 7 and are machine washable, so you won’t have to worry about letting your child play in a muddy backyard after a rainstorm. The sneakers run a half-size large, according to the maker, so you may want to go down a size.

  • Cute
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Some children may be able to kick them off quite easily
  • Not all the colors are available in all sizes and styles


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The Salt Water Sandals are made for tiny girls and are quite durable. These best water shoes for toddlers will last a long time because they include a water-friendly leather upper. Also, because the buckles are made of brass, they will not corrode if your daughter falls into the water.

These shoes include a breathable footbed and leather lining to keep your loved one’s feet dry and comfortable. These soft leather baby shoes with a flexible footbed and adjustable straps provide excellent traction on the playground and in the water.

Its dimensions were obtained using a size 9 child and a width M, however, please keep in mind that measurements may vary slightly between sizes. With such a low price, I’m confident that practically all parents can afford a pair of these excellent toddler sandals for their child.

  • Comfort and fits perfectly
  • Flat two-piece sandal featuring buckled closures at vamp and ankle
  • Can be worn in water and on land
  • Average durability


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Stride Rite Soft Motion Bambi Sneaker was the best sneakers for kids. They were created for early walkers, especially female toddlers. It has a pretty pink and white leather upper with butterfly embellishments. The mesh lining is designed to provide added comfort and breathability for your child. An alternate closure is available for simple on/off and adjustment. These sneakers come in wide and medium widths, making them ideal for babies with wide or thick feet. It can last a long time for your child, probably three years, depending on how well you care for the pair.

  • Easy to put on
  • Soft but still supportive
  • Great fit
  • Expensive
  • Could have more variety in colors and styles


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Wobbly Waddlers First Steps is a fantastic pair of baby walking shoes for girls who are learning to walk. These shoes will last a long time because they are constructed of 100% leather. Your child’s ankle is provided extra support when she takes her first steps thanks to the stable foot technology.

This is the greatest shoe for ankle support during walking, in our opinion, if your baby is standing upright and balancing well on both feet. It’s a product that doesn’t have a season, in the sense that it can be worn in any season. I am confident that your little one will enjoy strolling around the neighborhood in this beautiful pair.

  • Easy to keep clean
  • Can be used without socks
  • Lightweight
  • Come in a wide version and variety
  • Come in more and many colors

10. BirdRock Baby Moccasins

BirdRock Baby Moccasins
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Leather is used to make these shoes, and it is comfortable, resilient, and safe. They’re handcrafted to last, and they’re even covered by a lifetime warranty. To encourage natural foot mobility and development, the infant shoes are lightweight and have a flexible soles. The soft leather sole of the moccasin will safeguard your baby’s foot while they learn to walk in a good and natural manner.

They’re also available in over 30 different colors and patterns. Moccasins have a rough sole for traction and to protect sensitive baby feet from potentially harmful things. They were also created to give your youngster a barefoot feel, which aids in the growth of their feet. Your child will have a hard time taking these off due to the flexible elastic at the top of the shoe, so you can be assured that they will always stay in place once you put them on. These are available in infant sizes 1–3 (1–18 months) and toddler sizes 4–5. (18 to 30 months).

  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable fit
  • Have more cushioning


Purchasing a pair of children’s shoes is a significant investment. Choosing shoes for your child is a major undertaking. Because they have not been trained, children’s feet do not meet the same needs as adults. The first step is to select the appropriate size. Always go for the right quality, and since the baby grows faster, you should always go for the perfect size to match the growth of the baby.


How long does it take to learn to walk?

From a very young age, your baby strengthens their muscles, slowly preparing to take their first steps. Usually, between 6 and 13 months, your baby will crawl. Between 9 and 12 months, they’ll pull themselves up. And between 8 and 18 months, they’ll walk for the first time

How do we learn to walk?

We usually follow the stages of creeping, crawling, stepping, pulling up, and cruising, before being able to walk. Some infants crawl or cruise before they walk, while others never do either. Others walk very early in the second half of their first year, while some take much longer.

How long does it take to walk from the first step to walking confidently?

I would say a month from first steps to confident walking. And around 3 months of confident walking before getting properly fitted shoes

How can I encourage my 1-year-old to walk?

Stand behind your child, place your hands around his upper arms, and pull him up to a standing position. Gently pull one arm forward and then the other. His feet will naturally follow as he rotates his hips to step. Keep practicing walking until your baby is ready to stop

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