10 The Best Walking And Running Back Pain Shoes For Men’s 2023

A man wearing a blue shirt holding his back due to back pain on a walking track
A man wearing a blue shirt holding his back due to back pain on a walking track

If you are a US citizen and have back pain then you are among 8 out of 10 people who have the same issue at some point throughout your life. The back could be a small sharp pain or a pain that can persist all day. There are many reasons for back pain it could be as poor posture or lack of exercise, but one of the main reasons for back pain is wearing uncomfortable shoes or sore feet too.

If you have back pain due to your feet, changing your shoes could give you a lot of relief. If you wear the right shoes that are appropriate for your feet and provide back support while you exercise, run, or work, If you wear the wrong pair of shoes, you may experience severe back pain and make your daily life miserable.

Chart of back pain understanding
Chart of back pain understanding

Knowing which shoes are good for your back pain? It’s always a big question and needs sufficient knowledge while choosing the right shoes especially when you have a serious back issue due to a shoe problem.

Review the best shoes for your back pain.

1.Orthofeet Men’s Loafers Dress Shoes Gramercy

Orthofeet Men’s Loafers Dress Shoes Gramercy
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As you can tell from the name of the show, these shoes are best for people with foot-related issues, and back pain. One main reason is not choosing proper shoes that are suitable for you. These shoes come with orthotic support. Shoes have a premium orthotic insole that comes with anatomical arch support and a heel pad with cushioning that provides complete comfort while walking or doing other activities. These all-important features will help to provide relief and will prevent you from experiencing any pain, especially lower back pain.

In these shoes, an ortho-cushion system is used. This system is biomechanically engineered to reduce stress on the joints, enhance stability, and facilitate foot motion. This feature of the shoes will make your steps comfortable and pain-free.

Orthofeet loafers have extra depth and a non-binding design. Shoes have a wide toe box that helps to release the pressure on bunions and hammertoes. The shoe’s soft seam-free interior lining is padded with foam that helps to release pressure from your feet and provide extra comfort and also provides protection especially if you have sensitive feet and for those who are diabetic neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis.

If you are suffering due to some back pain or other pain caused by shoes, then this shoe model is the best choice for you and can give you huge relief from back pain.

  • Excellent Memory Foam Cushioning & Arch Support
  • Effective Pain Relief for Feet, Ankles, Knees and Lower Back
  • Extra Orthopedic Insoles Supplied
  • Attractive, Durable Design
  • High-Quality Stitching
  • Two Colors Available
  • True Sizing
  • Wide Layout May Require the Use of Additional Inners
  • Bulkier Design Than Some Conventional Dress Shoes

2.Asics Gel Kayano Walking and Running Shoes for Back Pai

Asics Gel Kayano Walking and Running Shoes for Back Pai
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Asics always consider shoes for people facing issues related to foot pain. This model is engineered in a way that it can provide support to your feet that can prevent you from any pain that comes due to your feet.

These shoes have EVA cushioned midsole that has shock absorbency and prevents your feet from extra pressure while walking or running and standing.

The shoes have an insole that is fully cushioned to keep your steps comfortable. They also have heel cushioning that helps prevent back pain.

The best feature of the shoes that make it best if you have a back pained issue, it has good arch support and stability features that prevent your feet from excessive pronation and will help to keep your posture better and align while walking or standing.

The heel Gradient feature helps to shift body mass forward, reducing the strain on lower limbs, and will prevent you from experiencing any back pain while wearing the shoes.

Shoes have a durable protective slip-resistant rubber sole that provides traction. The shoes have a breathable and comfortable fitting upper from mesh, textile, and leather material that will keep your feet cool and dry all day.

  • Familiar Kayano fit
  • Roomier toebox
  • No lace bite
  • Added pep
  • No medial post
  • Lost weight
  • Kayano durability
  • Heel slipping
  • Overly plush
  • Runs warm

3. HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 7 Running Shoes

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Bondi 7 Running Shoes
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Hoka 1 Bondi always stands first when you are looking for shoes for walking or running, especially for back pain. Even if you have an issue related to flat feet or overpronation, these shoes have stability technology that helps a lot to prevent your pain.

Shoes have a Lycra comfort heel design that enhanced support and fits in the shoes and will provide comfort while running and walking. The shoes have synthetic and leather uppers that are breathable and lightweight.

The shoes have a durable rubber outsole that comes with a rocker design for optimal stability and motion control that helps a lot to prevent back pain. This Shoe model has a comfortable ortholite footbed that provides extra comfort and keeps your every step relaxed and comfortable.

These shoes have a moisture-wicking fabric lining that keeps your feet moisture-free, and you can easily wear them for long hours daily.

  • Comfortable
  • Fits true to size
  • Smooth rockered ride
  • Great durability
  • Grippy outsole
  • Lightweight for a daily trainer
  • Runs warm
  • Very thick tongue

4. Orthofeet Biofit Pacific Palisades – Men’s Athletic Shoe

Orthofeet Biofit Pacific Palisades - Men's Athletic Shoe
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Shoes that you can call medical athletic and walking shoes. Orthofeet bio-fit shoes are built from the outside to the inside to provide your feet with the ultimate protection. The shoe model’s unique lining construction enhances comfort and protection. These shoes’ non-binding design along with elastic releases the pressure on your feet and will provide some extra comfort.

Orthofeet Biofit has AFO’s & KAFO’s that help a lot to keep optimal your ankle and feet and will prevent your feet and ankle from any pain.

Shoes are made of extremely soft and genuine stretchable leather, which relieves pressure on bunions and swollen feet while also preventing back pain.

The shoes’ extra foam padding in the collar and tongue will help to protect your sensitive feet and will keep them comfortable while walking, running, and standing all day.

This shoe model comes with a high-performance insole, shoes also have anatomical arch support and a deep heel seat that provide foot support and unsurpassed shock absorption that help a lot to prevent you from any back and joint pain.

The shoes have A5500 Medicare-coded that are used as medical footwear and diabetic shoes.

These features of the shoes make it one of the best medical shoes to wear for walking, running, or all-day work that will prevent you from any pain specially back pain.

  • Comfort and ability to relieve pain
  • Competitive prices
  • Shoes available for men and women in a range of types, widths, and sizes
  • Attractive stylish for an older demographic
  • Products are suited to a wide range of ailments
  • Good shoe sales and promotions offered
  • Experts are available to help you find the right shoes for you
  • Available in a number of stores
  • Difficult in finding the right size
  • Only readily available in the US
  • While there are a number of categories of shoes, some collections are limited
  • Styles are not particularly well suited for younger buyers

5. New Balance 813 – Men’s Athletic Shoes.

New Balance 813 - Men's Athletic Shoes.
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The New Balance 813 shoes provide your feet exceptional motion control that helps to control excessive pronation that helps to keep your lower limbs aligned and supported and will prevent you from any back pain.

These shoe technologies used As ROLLBAR and Walking Strike Path help to correct the gait cycle and motion control while walking or running.

Shoes have a removable insole you can easily replace with your custom orthotics insole.

If you are looking for shoes that you can use for workouts walking or running and help to prevent back pain the New Balance 813 model is an option you can choose for yourself.

  • Provides comfort and offers adequate suppport
  • Has lightweight structure.
  • It is breathable and has good stylish
  • Run a little narrow.
  • Does not provide enough cushioning.

6. Vionic Men’s Walker

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This shoe model received the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance and consider one of the best shoes if you have any foot-related issues. These shoes will provide good comfort and support and will prevent you from any foot-related pain.

Shoes have EVA technology that provides your feet with maximum stability while walking. The shoe’s upper is made of leather or suede material, and it has a removable EVA footbed that you can replace with your orthotic footbed easily.

Shoes have a 0.5” elevation for a smooth transition in the heel-to-toe strike zone that helps to keep your feet comfortable and relaxed.

Vionic shoes have an active footwear feature called Active Motion System technology (AMS) that provides a combining podiatrist-designed orthotic with a flexible cushioned outsole and a lightweight breathable upper that helps support everyday work and other activities.

Overall, a very good choice for people looking for a medical shoe that will keep them pain-free, especially back pain caused by poor shoe selection.


      7. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

      Brooks Men's Addiction Walker Walking Shoes
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      A very lightweight comfortable walking shoe that makes you addicted to walking that’s the reason it’s called an Addiction walker. Shoes are made of synthetic and mesh material.

      Shoes have BioMoGo DNA that adapts to your stride weight and speed making your every step comfortable.

      These shoes have maximum support and come with an extended progressive diagonal Rollbar strategically support to your arch and will keep your body in its natural path of motion and help you to prevent any pain.

      This shoe model has an innovative outsole and forefoot MC Pod construction that will provide you with a balanced and stable position that will help you a lot to keep your feet not only comfortable but also stable.

      This is a long-lasting shoe that comes with full-grain leather that will keep your feet comfortable and relaxed.

      The best part of the shoes is you can find this model in all sizes from narrow to extra-wide fit so very good choice if you are looking for a comfortable lightweight shoe for walking and will not cause you a back pain

      • Secure fit
      • Gusseted tongue
      • Soft cushioning
      • Promising outsole durability
      • Not for speedy runs

      8. Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

      Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe
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      Merrell Men’s Jungle shoes are made of 100 % leather material with rubber soles that provide very good comfort and traction to your shoes and keep your feet stable while walking or running.

      This shoe model has all feature that provides comfort and support and help to reduce back pain and also improve your walking posture.

      Shoes have pigskin and mesh insole lining and an M select fresh technology that makes these shoes more breathable and odorless shoes and will keep your feet dry cool and comfortable all day.

      In this shoe model, the EVA insole is used that provides your feet extra comfort and Merrel Air cushioning reduces the impact and will keep your every step comfortable.

      In this model of shoes, A durable M-select grip has been used that improves the shoe grip and traction and helps to prevent you from slipping.

      • Excellent shock absorption
      • Odor-resistant
      • Offers traction on dry and wet terrains
      • Doesn’t come in various widths

      9. Saucony Men’s Ride 10 Running-Shoes

      Saucony Men's Ride 10 Running-Shoes
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      Saucony shoes are one of the best for long-distance walking and running.

      This model is made of 100% synthetic material along with a Hydra max collar lining that provides shoes more comfort while walking and running.

      Shoes have a supportive and shock absorbing Power grid midsole and an improved SRC impact zone that help to reduce stress and strain on your feet and lower limbs that help to prevent you from back pain while walking and running.

      This shoe model comes with woven heel support and EVERUN top sole that help to keep your every step comfortable and relaxed.

      A power foam midsole will provide extra comfort.

      The comfort sock liner provides extra support and comfort.

      • Excellent shock absorption
      • Affordable
      • Comes in various widths
      • Limited color options

      10. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

       Rockport Men's World Tour Classic Walking Shoe
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      Rockport Men’s classic walking shoe is made of 100% leather.

      This model of shoes comes with a padded tongue and collar that will give your feet a better fit and more comfort while walking.

      Shoes have removable rubberized EVA footbeds that you can easily replace with an orthotic insole.

      The EVA midsole used in the shoes provides you with extra comfort.

      The shoes have a walking platform construction that provides your feet extra support and stability and helps you to prevent back pain.

      • Excellent cushion
      • Prevents irritation and blisters
      • Comes in various widths
      • Durable
      • Shoe tongue is short

      Features of a Good Shoe for Back Pain

      You will find many kinds of shoes that offer the best back support, and you will find every shoe has unique features and characteristics. What features of a good shoe for your back pain should you always consider?

      Motion Control

      intended to limit excessive foot motions by decreasing the extent of pronation. They are designed with medial support that helps improve the stability of the foot and reduces the amount of pronation.

      The Motion Control feature helps regulate your movement and helps improve the stability of the foot and reduce the amount of pronation, so shoes with a motion control feature will help you a lot prevent back pain.

      Strike Path

      A shoe outsole with a feature that helps stabilize and guide your feet through the walking gait cycle, as well as improve your posture, which will help you avoid back pain.


      Always look for a pair of shoes with Extra support: extra support shoes will keep you from making abnormal movements and will help you improve your walking movement; abnormal movements are the main cause of back pain.


      Always look for shoes that are made of a material like plastic or graphite and other similar materials these material-made shoes will prevent abnormal motion which is the main reason for giving you back pain.

      Shock Absorbency

      A pair of shoes with good shock absorbency and good cushioning is very important. These features help to protect your back and knees against impact.


      Nowadays, we can easily find such kinds of shoes that help to prevent us from such kinds of pain. However, only buying shoes that help you to prevent such pain will not help completely, but only to some extent, and it will help if the reason for the pain is only due to shoes or feet.

      If you have some serious back issues before going to buy such shoes, first consult with your doctor, and if your doctor recommends such a kind of shoe, then go for it. Without any medical advice, choosing these kinds of shoes could cause you severe pain. Always choose the best shoes, and before buying, you must consult some expert or doctor, then choose the best available option with proper advice.


      How do I stop my back from hurting when I run?

      There are several things you can do to help prevent back pain while running:

      1. Make sure you have the proper running form. This includes keeping your shoulders relaxed, your core engaged, and your head looking forward.
      2. Strengthen your core and back muscles. This will help support your spine and reduce the risk of injury.
      3. Wear proper running shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning.
      4. Gradually increase your mileage and intensity to avoid overuse injuries.
      5. Consider getting a professional evaluation from a physical therapist or sports medicine doctor if your back pain persists.
      6. Lastly, make sure you are stretching, hydrating, and taking rest days to allow your body to recover.

      Do running shoes help with back pain?

      Running shoes can help with back pain by providing support and cushioning for the feet and lower body. Properly fitted running shoes that are designed for your foot type and running style can help reduce the impact on your joints, including your back. A good pair of running shoes can also help with shock absorption and stability, which can help prevent injuries and reduce pain.

      It’s important to note that just wearing running shoes does not solve the problem of back pain, it’s just one of many things that can be done. If you have back pain, it’s important to consider other factors such as your running form, core and back muscle strength, and overall fitness level. A professional evaluation from a physical therapist or sports medicine doctor may be helpful in determining the cause of your pain and developing an appropriate treatment plan.

      It’s important to note that just wearing running shoes does not solve the problem of back pain, it’s just one of many things that can be done. If you have back pain, it’s important to consider other factors such as your running form, core and back muscle strength, and overall fitness level. A professional evaluation from a physical therapist or sports medicine doctor may be helpful in determining the cause of your pain and developing an appropriate treatment plan.

      Can my running shoes cause back pain?

      Running shoes can contribute to back pain if they do not provide enough support or cushioning for your feet and lower body, or if they are worn out and no longer provide adequate shock absorption. Wearing shoes that are not designed for running or that are the wrong size can also contribute to pain and injury.

      Additionally, if you’re prone to overpronation or supination, it can be important to look for shoes with specific features that provide more support and stability to help prevent these conditions that can lead to back pain.

      It’s also important to replace your running shoes regularly, as the cushioning and support wear out over time, and it can no longer provide the same level of protection for your joints and muscles.

      It’s also important to remember that running shoes are just one of many things that can affect back pain, and it’s important to consider other factors such as your running form, core and back muscle strength, and overall fitness level. A professional evaluation from a physical therapist or sports medicine doctor may be helpful in determining the cause of your pain and developing an appropriate treatment plan

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