10 Best And Comfortable Men’s Narrow Feet Walking Shoes

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10 Best And Comfortable Men’s Walking Shoes For Narrow Feet

In the last decade, the popularity of narrow feet has been increasing. This means that there are more and more people who have narrow feet and are looking for the most comfortable footwear.

So, if you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the 10 most comfortable men’s walking shoes for narrow feet.

What To Buy For Narrow Feet.

Chart of narrow and wide feet difference
Chart of narrow and wide feet difference


The standard inseam on all of our men’s shoes is 36″. This is the preferred inseam for wide feet. There are some very comfortable men’s shoes you can find with an inseam of 38″ or 40″. However, with narrower-than-average feet, you may feel more comfortable with a shorter inseam. A short inseam is best in shoes with a high upper, such as sneakers. In some cases, a short inseam will be longer than a standard-length inseam. This is typically the case in men’s dress shoes with a shorter vamp and a slightly lower toe.

You can find a men’s shoe with an inseam as short as 26″ to 28″. However, most of these shoes are more formal and dressy. They lack the comfort and casual style of sneakers.

Things to consider before buying a narrow feet shoe.

1. Your Shape

How well does this shoe fit your narrow feet? It’s important to note that narrow shoes can be a little tricky to find, especially when it comes to sizing. Make sure that the shoe has a good fit at the shoe’s widest part. If the shoe is too big, a lot of your foot will be hanging out on the sides. If the shoe is too small, it will be pinching your toes.

2. Your Activity

What kind of activity are you doing that requires you to walk in these shoes? If you’re walking a lot of miles, then a walking shoe might be the right choice for you. If you’re walking short distances, however, you might want to look into a running shoe.

3. Your Budget

As much as you want to find the perfect pair of shoes, you also want to find a pair that won’t break the bank.

How to buy narrow feet walking shoes.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes for walking or running on a daily basis, you’ll want to consider a pair of walking shoes. If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying a shoe that’s going to last a long time.

To help you decide what type of walking shoe you need, we’ve put together this guide to help you decide what kind of walking shoe you need.

The Shoe You Don’t Want to Buy

The Wrong Shoe

Walking shoes are pretty important when you’re walking.

Walking Shoes: What Kind of Shoe Do You Need For Your Narrow Feet?

You should always walk in your shoes. However, when you have a narrow foot, walking in your shoes can be a little trickier. You’ll want to make sure that you buy a pair of walking shoes that fits you well.

A narrow shoe will feel uncomfortable if it’s too big. You won’t be able to move your foot around as freely as you would in a wider shoe.


Walking in a pair of narrow feet walking shoes can be a nightmare. But if you know how to buy narrow feet walking shoes and what to look for you can find a pair that will be comfortable and safe for you.

Know the type of shoe you require. Do you need dress shoes? A casual shoe? A hard-wearing shoe? A walking shoe?

Know what kind of foot you have. If you have flat feet, you need a flat shoe. If you have narrow feet, you need narrow shoes.

Know the type of foot your shoe fits.

Know the type of shoe you require. Do you need dress shoes? A casual shoe? A hard-wearing shoe? A walking shoe? How many narrow feet walking shoes do you need?

Why do you need shoes for narrow feet?

In case you have narrow feet, you need shoes that are meant for you.

Who are they made for?

Narrow feet are made for people with a foot that is narrow than average.

What are the benefits of wearing narrow feet shoes?

Wearing narrow feet shoes will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Wearing narrow feet shoes will make you feel more comfortable while you walk.

1. Brooks Ghost 12 Shoes

With long-lasting durability, reliable outsole grip, and easy flexibility, The Brooks Ghost 12 shoes get you the smooth ride you desire. A few clients guarantee the shoes to be a protected, cozy fit and express that the upper of these shoes embraces the foot. These highlights are great for individuals with narrow feet who require a modified fit. The delicate underneath padding gives ultra solace without settling for less on the sturdiness factor and losing responsiveness.

While the shoes aren’t extremely engaging, the 3D Fit Print and recently designed network accompany decisively positioned construction and stretch. These shoes additionally give a steady and smooth ride. Their Segmented Crash Pad pads your every progression and guarantees smooth heel-to-toe changes. This element likewise goes about as an incorporated arrangement of shock attenuators and permits your feet to set down flawlessly on any plane.

Wearing the Brooks Ghost 12 shoes will likewise assist you with feeling empowered and give strong exhibitions. The upper unit is expressed to be incredibly breathable, keeping your feet cool, dry, and solid. The breathability likewise scatters heat and permits undesirable smells to escape from your feet. As per a couple of cheerful sprinters, the foothold limit of these shoes is exact and trustworthy. Ultimately, the shoestrings permit wearers to protect their expected fit inclination as they don’t rapidly unwind.

  • Rubber underside
  • – Long-enduring sturdiness
  • – Maximum adaptability
  • – Underfoot padding
  • – Exceptional responsiveness
  • – Reliable outsole grasp
  • – Smooth impact point to-toe changes
  • – 3D Fit Print
  • – Integrated arrangement of safeguards
  • Unappealing designed

2. ASICS GT-2000 6 Men’s Shoes

The ASICS GT-2000 6 Men’s shoes are lightweight and offer ultra curve help and a protected fit, pursuing them an optimal decision for people with narrow feet. They accompany discrete eyelets that are put freely, giving a redid fit to the wearer, alongside improved upper solace. The ComforDry Sockliner is removable and dampness wicking, giving ultra padding execution. The dampness-wicking property additionally makes a dryer, better, and cooler climate for your feet.

The Exoskeletal heel counter is a heel-grasping framework innovation that makes an improved, heel-fitting climate, and offers additional help. The powerful couple’s max emotionally supportive network improves the help and soundness of the footwear. There have been reports of unreasonable erosion being brought about by the chunk of the foot. In any case, the FlyteFoam padded sole innovation and GEL innovation cooperate to ingest however much shock as could reasonably be expected. These advancements likewise convey outstanding responsiveness and return quickly. With padded sole innovation, you get to partake in an even ride.

The natural super strands work to decrease pressing out. Alongside being reasonable for restricted feet, this item is accessible in different other width profiles. With improved padding and diminished weight, your feet will be recharged with each progression. The upper integrated with a superior impact point fit keeps your feet secure in the shoes, further develops toe-spring, and gives smoother progress. The enlarged forefoot of the ASICS GT-2000 6 shoes decreases disturbance and obliges bunions. Ultimately, in addition to the fact that these shoes give you the best incentive for your cash, however, they additionally come in excess of 10 appealing varieties and plans for you to browse!

  • Enhanced upper solace
  • – Heel-gripping framework innovation
  • – Dynamic DUOMAX emotionally supportive network – Fluidride padded sole
  • – Absorbs shock proficiently
  • – Exceptional return and responsiveness
  • Excessive erosion against the bundle of the foot

3. Nike Men Free 5.0 Shoes

The Nike Men’s Free 5.0 shoes permit you to gloat on the money style. These lightweight shoes give an ideal tight fit and assist with upgrading your preparation execution. While the shoes aren’t accessible in thin sizes, the fit they give is way smaller than other normal mentors. You can wear them during a thorough exercise, as well as use them for ordinary relaxed wear.

The trim-up conclusion offers a flexible and modified fit. Besides the fact that these shoes guarantee solace and adaptability, the padding froth lessens shock and significantly further develops support. The breathable lattice uppers with engineered overlays that are incredibly sturdy complete the whole bundle. The shaped midfoot makes the shoes lightweight and furthermore adds to the help factor.

As indicated by cheerful clients, the upper unit of the footwear extends impeccably to oblige your feet. While the shoes have been accounted to be questionable for significant distance dashing, they are extraordinary for general running purposes. The upper textures give ultra breathability and keep your feet dry and cool all through the summers and the running season. The elastic wrap up to the average size of the shoes to fight off any occasions of muscle or foot torment.

The development of these shoes likewise advances and keeps up with the regular development of your feet, and adjusts to your foot changes without any problem. The shoes have been professed to be incredibly strong and durable. Finally, the padding framework is springy and responsive and permits you to partake in a delicate stage feel and a good experience.

  • Synthetic bottom
  • – Breathable cross-section
  • – Molded midfoot saddle
  • – Supportive, lightweight fit
  • – Rubber is wrapped up to the average side for expanded help – Durable manufactured overlays
  • Not solid for significant distance hustling

4. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9 Shoes

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v9 shoes give you enduring solace even in the wake of devastating miles and miles. Elements, for example, breathable designed lattice and manufactured upper materials contribute enormously towards giving superior solace levels to your narrow feet. These shoes likewise accompany high-empowering and greatest padding, giving the bottoms of your feet the delicate feel they merit. The bootie development of these shoes comes at a cost.

Be that as it may, it gives it a tasteful and alluring look, making the footwear an ideal blend of something more significant and outward appearance. The rich collar and tongue total the general appearance of the item. The shoes highlight outer mid-foot overlays and ribbon-up conclusion which adds to its flexibility and capacity to be redone. Because of this large number of viewpoints, your tight feet can profit from a solid, cozy fit. You likewise get to encounter an extraordinary in-shoe feel with the smooth texture lining. With the full-length Fresh Foam padded sole, blown elastic outsole, and removable froth insole, you get to partake in a more regular and even ride.

The Ortholite premium footbed works on curve backing and padding. Albeit the pair may be excessively costly for some, it is most certainly worth an attempt. The outsole flex grooves let you move your feet all the more openly, and permit them to inhale easily. These shoes run consistent with size. This more current rendition is likewise answered to be fundamentally lighter than its ancestor. You can benefit significantly from the assortment of width choices these shoes are accessible and partake in an open to running experience.

  • Maximum high-invigorating padding
  • – Breathable designed material, manufactured and network upper materials
  • – No-sew upper – Snug, secure fit
  • – Lace-up conclusion
  • – Smooth texture lining
  • – Plush collar and tongue
  • – Removable froth insole – Allows foot to move uninhibitedly
  • Expensive

5. CLARKS Men’s Desert Peak Chelsea Shoes

CLARKS Men’s Desert Peak Chelsea shoes are produced with 100 percent cowhide and engineered sole. These shoes include a ranch crepe elastic sole, adaptable versatile violence, and full-grain cowhide. This multitude of highlights consolidated together gives ultra padding and a foothold. The calfskin sock liner and delicate softened cowhide linings in the shoes supply your feet with the greatest extravagant solace. CLARKS has been doing business for over a century now.

They make top-caliber, premium men’s dress shoes in a wide scope of styles, plans, and tones. Every one of their items highlights various top-quality parts. They give you the quality you request in the items you want. These boots are stylish and elegant and will make your restricted feet sparkle. You can wear this footwear like dress shoes or even work. These shoes offer all the help and solace includes that are essential for restricted feet.

The CLARKS Men’s Desert Peak Chelsea shoes likewise highlight an adaptable bottom, an Ortholite footbed, and a non-checking elastic outsole. This large number of highlights adds to the nature of this footwear. The Emslie Twist Lara highlights a manufactured, somewhat raised, engineered, and stable sole. In any case, there have been reports about the nature of the soles not being sufficient. Other than reports of the low-quality sole, these shoes furnish you with all that you want to partake in your proper gatherings or relaxed strolls. They are accessible in cowhide, and in an unbiased variety.

  • Synthetic sole
  • – Flexible versatile violence
  • – Full-grain calfskin
  • – Extra padding and foothold
  • – Leather sock-liner
  • – Plantation crepe elastic bottom
  • – Soft softened cowhide linings
  • Poor-quality underside

6. Adidas Solar Boost 19 Shoes

The heaviness of your shoes assumes a crucial part in deciding how rapidly your feet get drained. The lighter the heaviness of your footwear, the more you can stroll in them without depleting your feet. The Adidas Solar Boost 19 has a lightweight construction, settling on them an optimal decision for individuals with restricted feet. The Solar Propulsion rails that come on the sides of the shoes guide your feet through each step. These shoes accompany high-stimulating padding and adaptable reactions.

Albeit the cross-section upper is known to be fleeting, it is very breathable and advances the wind stream extraordinarily. The ultra-breathability likewise permits your feet to stay cool and dry consistently. The bootie development and the ribbon up the conclusion of these shoes supply a sock-like, cozy fit. A few other significant and great highlights incorporate a removable froth insole, smooth material linings, and a manufactured, fundamentally steady mid-foot confine.

The FITCOUNTER-shaped heel counter conveys a characteristic fit. It additionally permits your feet to move openly and keeps up with your normal walk. The Ultra-padded support padded sole and the STRETCHWEB elastic in the outsole flexes are two extraordinary highlights of these shoes. The first is improved for a responsive ride and the other is liable for expanding the energy underneath. The cutting edge, contemporary, and eye-getting plan of these shoes give your feet a trendy and stylish look.

  • Lightweight
  • – High-quality padding
  • – Flexible reaction
  • – Breathable air network upper
  • – Synthetic mid-foot confine (fundamentally strong)
  • – Lace-up conclusion
  • – Removable froth insole
  • – Smooth material coating
  • – Increased underneath energy
  • Not much durable

7. ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 Shoes

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 running shoes are consistent with size, arrive in an incredible-looking plan, and are very agreeable. These shoes highlight FLYTEFOAM padded sole innovation, which gives excellent responsiveness and return, paying little heed to how much distance you are covering. As a rule with low-thickness and milder froths you can encounter pressing out, however, these shoes use natural super strands to diminish pressing out generally.

The FluidRide padded sole gives remarkable padding properties without making the shoes excessively weighty. You additionally get to profit from ultra-sturdiness. While the padding and development of these shoes are ideal, they are not your most ideal decision assuming that you are searching for exceptional curve support. The GEL-Nimbus 20 shoes with their slope jacquard network, prudent eyelet development, and Fluidfit upper are the finished bundle.

The Fluidfit upper of these shoes adjusts to the normal movement of your foot and takes care of nonpartisan sprinters, everything being equal. Additionally, the 3D printed overlays move you along a large number of miles and deal gigantic help to give you a protected and redid fit. The exoskeletal heel counter and the outside heel-gripping framework establish a superior heel-fitting climate and improve support.

The forefoot and rearfoot GEL brand innovation that these shoes accompany retains shock during sway. This component permits foot changing in different various planes. Finally, these shoes are accessible in excess of 20 distinct plans and varieties, furnishing you with a lot of choices to browse.

  • Rubber bottom
  • – Fluid ride padded sole
  • – Exceptional quickly return and responsiveness
  • – Lightweight, agreeable and sturdy
  • – Discreet eyelet development
  • – Adapts to the regular movement of your foot
  • – Customized fit
  • Minimal curve support

8. Saucony Ride 10 Shoes

Saucony Ride 10 is considered by a few sprinters with limited feet to be perfectly sized and smooth. They accompany the EVER RUN Top sole to give sprinters consistent padding, which is more sturdy and adaptable. The padding likewise gives a more energetic inclination to the wearer from their absolute initial step to the last. Run quick, run simple, or just run the world with these shoes! The designed lattice upper of these shoes gives an additional dynamic and lightweight fit.

The trio outsole conveys ideal adaptability and increments force scattering over a huge region of a surface. Saucony carries a lot of advancement to its clients with this new model and conveys an unbelievable running encounter to them simultaneously. The woven impact point collar pads each foot strike. A few clients have griped about the untrustworthy footing limit of these shoes.

Nonetheless, cheerful clients have additionally remarked that these shoes accompany all the help and solace that includes a person with tight feet needs in their footwear. These shoes convey a responsive underneath experience, they needn’t bother with a long break-in period and they are incredibly agreeable to wear. The full-bodies padded sole likewise brings about cheerful sprinters as its froth compound can uphold their stride advances and weight in a viable way.

An ideal load of this item likewise assumes a significant part in its prosperity. Obviously, the heaviness of this footwear doesn’t hold the wearer’s foot down and keeps up with its normal speed.

  • Rubber sole
  • – Engineered network upper
  • – Lightweight, powerful fit
  • – Continuous padding
  • – Legendary running experience
  • – Provides insurance and adaptability
  • – Refined tri-flex outsole plan
  • – Woven heel collar
  • Unreliable foothold limit

9. Vionic Bryant Walking Shoes 

Assuming you need an incredible-looking shoe that won’t seem to be a conventional games shoe, then Vionic Bryant is the shoe to go for. The upper of these shoes are produced using delicate calfskin material and loan these shoes that additional punch. It is a slip-on sort of strolling shoe and you will be saved from the problem of tying the shoe. At the point when the temperament strikes to walk, simply slip it on and off you pass through the entryway.

The insole is produced using a delicate EVA froth which makes these shoes exceptionally comfortable and they are likewise removable. You can supplant them with your preferred insole on the off chance that you really want to. The heel has an exceptionally podiatrist-planned Orthoheel innovation that furnishes you with orthotic backing and steadiness. It has a solid outsole produced using blown elastic and gives you an incredible foothold.

  • Truly agreeable in any event, for walkers with limited feet.
  • Lightweight and responsive.
  • Exceptionally shock engrossing.
  • Orthoheel plan for security.
  • Simple to slip on.
  • Incredible even to wear at work For certain walkers,
  • The estimating appeared to be a piece not exactly right.
  • Some felt the quality isn’t sufficient

10. Adidas Ultraboost 19

Ultraboost 19 Has been holding the record as one of the most outstanding pad delicate shoes before UltraBoost 20 appeared. Indeed, even up to now, there is a mammoth of supporters behind this shoe since it drew out the best in them. Each step is hugely padded thanks to the Boost innovation. The thick padded sole ensures delicate arrivals. Support is really responsive, and when you couple that with Stabilizing Torsion Spring, you have yourself a device that battles gravity-perhaps the greatest test for competitors and mentors.

A versatile and lightweight 3D innovation is added to the heel to hold the lower leg within proper limits and further develop soundness. These are a portion of the justifications for why the shoe bests other elite execution running shoes. The plan is somewhat tight, something that limited-footed people will view as ideal. To the top, this extravagant monster highlights Primeknit 360 setup consistently. The material is so delicate you will mistake it for being essential for your skin. What’s more, the weight is so low and will permit you to accomplish your best in exercises, instructional meetings, and challenges.

  • Outfitted with premium Boost innovation padding Ideally breathable
  • Gives a cozy fit Various sight to behold choices
  • Lightweight Energy bringing capability back
  • Like Ultraboost 20 this one also doesn’t have bargain breaking shortcomings


Narrow feet are not quite so remarkable as one has been persuaded to think. Frequently passed down from one age to another, a great many people have narrow feet and keep on carrying on with dynamic and useful existences. An obviously characterized clarification, joined by a meaning of limited feet is much of the time left up to the understanding of deluding realities introduced by unfit people. Having narrow feet doesn’t infer that you would be the right possibility for a “side-show” at a neighborhood, voyaging amusement park. 

Narrow feet are simply feet more modest in width; in any case, they are similarly equipped for moving from point A to point B easily. Finding the best shoes for restricted feet might require somewhat more exertion yet stay accessible at some deep-rooted driving makers all through the Internet. Be glad for your feet, limited or wide. All things considered, it is the main pair that you will get.

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